Monthly Archive: December 2011

The Boy with Chocolate Fingers

I will be going to the UK screening of ‘The Boy with Chocolate Fingers’ on the 28th Jan.  Great start to the New Year.  Happy New Year everyone. I can’t believe a whole year as gone by so quickly.


In the Mist

We were walking around Theobalds Park today and it was freezing cold and raining.  We came to this big tree house and it was great.  I wish I had a tree house like this.


White Christmas

Arghhh  the weather forecast says it is going to get warmer.   I was really hoping it would snow because I want to build a family of snowmen.  Last year mum and I built a polar bear and it looked great but somebody knocked its head off and wrecked it.  Where we live now has a big field next door and my snowmen will be safe.    Fingers crossed for loads of snow.

A day off

We did our school show Saturday and Sunday so we have  today off.   It is my brother’s birthday today, he is 31, so it fitted in well as my brother has come to visit and we are playing ‘Risk’ .  I am winning. This is a photograph taken last August when he got married and I was ‘best man’.


I took this picture  nearly two years ago and I like it very much because it looks so strange with the pyramids in the background and then a modern coach running straight past it.  Who thought of building a road there?