Monthly Archive: March 2012


Today a great spotted woodpecker came to my tree.  I see loads of animals and birds here.  So far I have seen Deers, rabbits, ducks, pheasants, grouse, moorhens, squirrels, and a fox.  There are  blue tits, great tits,  marsh tits and coal tits and a green woodpecker.

Tonight you can see Venus just above the moon.



I went to my brother’s for Mother’s Day and we all went out to a restaurant and I had crab cakes which were delicious followed by Carbonnara and proffiter roles.  I was stuffed and fell asleep on the way home.  Still it was a special occasion.  I am glad the weather is nice and warm and this morning when I woke up I looked out of my window and I saw something moving.  It was wierd because I have never seen a green woodpecker before and there it was right under my window.   I managed to get a quick photo through the window before it spotted me and flew away.  it is a out of focus but you can see that he had spotted me.   They eat ants and you can see him digging into the ground to get them.





I have had a busy week with quite a few auditions and lots of lines to learn.  I also have my speech exams next week so I have been concentrating on learning everything.  This week went by really quickly and soon it will be the school holidays.  Yay.    So it is St Patrick’s day today.  I was reading how it used to be a religious festival and it became a social one due to the fact that the Irish who emigrated to America were the first ones to start the St Patrick’s day parade because they wanted to celebrate their Irish roots.  It is celebrated all over the world now but more to do with Guinness!

Mother’s day tomorrow.  We are going to visit my brother and go out to dinner.  I am looking forward to going because I haven’t seen him for a few weeks.

It is raining today,  I hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow.  Nice blue and sunny skies for Sunday please.

Fun Saturday

Today my best friend came over to my house and we went into the woods near my house and we built six dens and climbed trees.  There are some big trees that have blown down and we climbed up them.  One of them had fallen across to an island in the big pond and we were able to climb across and stand on the island.   We saw a little deer and it we got quite close to it before it ran away.   Had a great day.


Mark Thompson @PeoplesAstro tweeted to say that if you looked to the left of the moon now you will see Mars.  I ran and got my telescope and run outside and yes, I saw Mars.   I couldn’t make out Jupiter and Venus which were supposed to be behind me because there were too many stars in that direction.  I came in and shouted to my mum I had seen Mars and my tooth fell out!!  Is this a sign!!!  This is not a picture taken by me.


I have been very busy learning stuff and haven’t written anything for a while, so this is what I have been doing.

I have had to learn two audition scripts, one for America and one for Australia.  I can do an American accent but I have had to be tutored for the Australian accent but it has all come together now.  I also have a speech exam near the end of the month and have two long monologues to perform for the exam.  They have to be exactly right so I have been practising hard.  I also have to learn two songs to perform at school.  I don’t listen much to music videos or the radio so I don’t know the words to most of the stuff out at the moment so I have chosen somthing funny from the 80’s and a soul song from the 60’s.

Keifer Sutherland is on his way to the UK to promote ‘Touch’.  Here is a photo of me when I went to New York to screen test with Keifer for the part of his son.   Missed out on that one but keeping fingers crossed for the new auditions.

I hope it stops raining because I am going to ride Poppy this afternoon after school.  Wednesday is my day for Poppy and it always seems to be raining!!  just stop.