Monthly Archive: August 2012


I am filming a short film right now called Z1 for the National Film and Television School.

Here is a picture with my screen mum, Kate Hardie, my screen dad, Steven Mackintosh and the director,

Gabriel Gauchet.

And this one was taken just after the Director said,  Just one more!!!




I had a great time today at the question and answer session at Manchester Media City for the new CBBC series ‘Stepping Up’

Picture one is of me against the wall inside Dock House.  It had pictures all over it of old and new BBC personalities and it was good fun seeing people that are on t.v. now looking really young.

Here is a picture of the question and answer session.   Kids in the audience were asked to ask us questions about acting and the new programme.


And here is Richard Wisker,  he has been in lots of stuff and is best known for Tracey Beaker.  It was really great to see everyone again today.

I am back to Z1 tomorrow .  More about that later.

Day Two

I am having a great time in Buckinghamshire.  The set is on a disused RAF base and there are lots of really big bungalows.  The are all empty and we are using one of them for the set.  They are going to be sold off and knocked down.    This is a new experience for me because I have to be really horrible, scary and violent.   It is good to be somebody completely different.   Tomorrow, I am going to Manchester for a screening of ‘Stepping Up’ which is going to be on t.v. in September.  We are going to Media City so that will be really exciting then back to the film on Monday.

Hi, sorry for the big gap

Things have been mad since I got back.  I have had loads of auditions and stuff to catch up on.  I had a great time on my canoe holiday with my brother.  It was just us and we paddled down the river Wye and camped along the the way.  Sometimes we bought beans and tins of food and to cook on our camping stove and sometimes we walked to the local pub and had lovely dinners.   We jumped in the river and went swimming a few times and we both fell out accidently too.  We saw lots of wildlife along the way and met some nice people.   I would love to do it again and we had the best weather of the summer so far.