Monthly Archive: October 2012


It was the last day of filming at Hammerwood House today for the scary LADYLUCK movie.  We had a great time and the sun was shining for all the outdoor shots.  Hooray!  I had a great time and met lots of nice people at @scruffbagproductions and @LADYLUCKmovie

Thank you to everybody, I look forward to seeing you at the screening.


I am starting a new spooky film this week.   I am really looking forward to it.  We are filming in a big old house  and it is supposed to be haunted.   I can’t wait to have a look around.  Maybe there will be secret passages and a secret garden.   I am also going on the Ghost bus in London on the 31st, Halloween night,  which takes you around and tells you terrible tales.   It is going to be a scary week!!  Whoooooo……


Hi,  well here it is.   My friend’s dad recorded my performance at our open mic night.  This is the first one I have done, as you know, I am not into singing and dancing.  We are raising money to replace the lead that was stolen from the roof.   I felt I had to take part as well and there were performances by nearly all the pupils.   My bit was the finale and everyone joined in at the end.  It was a great end to an exciting night.  I was really nervous at first but I got into it and ended up really enjoying it though I don’t think Mark Summers will be recruiting me any time soon.

Here is the You Tube link to GANGNAM STYLE in Adam style!

There will be another one next month so you are welcome, keep a look out for more info on my blog.


This Saturday (13th)  there is an open mic night at The Bull Theatre in Barnet.  My school is there and we use the theatre all the time.  I don’t usually do singing and dancing, I prefer acting but I am going to give it a go on the open mic night.  So if you want a good night out and  footage of me to make fun of me for ever, it is £6.00 entry fee.