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On Monday we went to a museum in London to film a t.v. docu drama for a South Korean T.V. Company.  I was  James Clerk Maxwell who was a scientist  in the 19th century. Clerk Maxwell’s research into electromagnetic radiation led to the development of television, mobile phones, radio and infra-red telescopes. The largest astronomical telescope in the world, at Mauna Kea Observatory in Hawaii, is named in his honour.  My favourite subject is astronomy and I found it all very interesting.



Photo: James Clerk Maxwell as a young man, courtesy of The Master and Fellows of Trinity College, Cambridge.

It was good fun and everyone was really nice even though I had to go through a translator to describe what I had to do.  Everyone seemed very pleased so I hope I get to see it.  Should be able to find it on the internet at some time.

IMG_20130415_121500 (1)


We made our way up North, a place called Bacup and found the location.  It was cold, foggy and very barren.  There was a frozen waterfall and when the sun came out it melted as we were filming and made big crackling sounds and then whoosh when it fell down.  It was a really great place and some very brave cyclist were slowly coming down rocky tracks and they would stop and look at us.  I had a great time with Adam Barker fromVideoink (the director), he was really funny and made me laugh a lot.

The Defiled 007

The Defiled 015

The Defiled 021


I am really looking forward to the video coming out and see what they have done to it.



It’s been a quiet Easter but I am excited about going up North next weekend to film the video for The Defiled, “Wikipedia – The Defiled are a 5-piece Metalcore band from London, England mixing groove-laden hardcore/metal with electronic influences

March 7, 2012 saw the official welcome of Paul ‘Needles’ White to the band replacing J.C. In June 2012 they won Best New Band at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards. The Defiled supported Dragonforce along with Alestorm on the UK and Irish leg of their European Tour in Autumn 2012. The band opened up a PledgeMusic campaign to aid the funding of their sophomore album, recorded in Florida with producer Jason Suecof. The campaign reached its target with over a week to go. To accompany the album, The Defiled also plan to release a live album of Grave Times performed in full. In November 2012 they were announced for the 2013 Jagermeister UK Music Tour, supporting Gojira and Ghost.[5] From February to March 2013, they supported Bury Tomorrow on their first European headline tour. On March 12, 2013 Daniel P. Carter premiered a new song, “Sleeper”, on BBC Radio One. On March 15 they announced that they had signed toNuclear Blast to release their second album, “Daggers”.[6]

The defiled

The video is being filmed by Video Ink and it is not far from where I used to live.

Video Ink  |  Hope Mill, Studio 202, 113 Pollard Street, Manchester, M4 7JA