Monthly Archive: August 2013


I’m back from Spain.  It was really, really hot and I had to wear a big hat to make sure I didn’t get sunburnt.  We had a lot of spare time to have a look around Barcelona and we did a bit of sightseeing.  My mum’s bag got pick pocketed but the police caught the man and we got our stuff back.  Mum didn’t feel a thing and I didn’t see anyone near us either.  The police in Barcelona were brilliant.  It was very exciting when the police car screamed in and 4 men jumped out and started running towards us showing their badges.  Mum wasn’t carrying too much as everything was back at the hotel which was a good job.  Thank you policemen in Barcelona.



Filming went great and we moved from Barcelona to the second location in Almeria.  We had to get another aeroplane to Almeria because it would have taken 8 hours to drive there.   The set was fantastic and I had a great time.





This is the Director, Nicolás Méndez,  he was very helpful and made the scenes very easy for me.  He was also very funny and I had a great time.


Joseph Rye was the main actor in the project and he was really nice and we got on very well.




I am in the hotel in Barcelona. We have to wait for the phone call to take us to the shoot. Everything is so secret it is funny.


I haven’t been around for a while as I have been enjoying my summer break.  I just got back from Spain.  We went to Barcelona for a wardrobe fitting for a thing I am doing next week.  I will have more news about that later. On the plane my mum was reading about bits falling off planes and when we were about to take off there was a big bang which we wondered what it was then we were delayed and when we came into Heathrow Terminal 5, we were taken to a different place on the airport and had to get a coach back to the terminal and it seemed ages.  Mum said they were most probably too full for us to park where we should have.

I am hoping to be in with a chance on a new ITV series and the process is under way but it is still fingers crossed.  I get a chance to invite some friends with me and one of them is really excited as he has never done anything like it before.

Then there is an animated film coming up with a voice over job.

Blink and it will be Christmas and The Physician comes out on December 25th and I am looking forward to that!




Well it has been a bit quiet recently but things are suddenly getting busy again.  Don’t forget to log on to every Wednesday.

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