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Theyoung1s radio presenters go into town

Today we went to London to do some outside interviewing.  We had several interviews and we will tell you all about them on Theyoung1s website  Left to right: Reggie, Romario, me, Darcie, Bryony, Darcey and Beverley.

Theyoung1s presenters in London

Theyoung1s presenters in London

We had a chance to speak with a group of Gurkha soldiers who have just started a hunger strike to draw attention to their plight.  They want to draw attention to the fact that although they have fought for the United Kingdom for many, many years, they have been treated very badly.  To know more about their protest take a look at their website at

The Gurkha Hunger Protest

The Gurkha Hunger Protest

We came back from London just in time to start our radio show at 4.00p.m. at The Bull Theatre in Barnet.  It was a good show with lots of interesting topics and great music.

London trip 033



THEYOUNG1S radio show Wednesday between 4pm and 6pm

Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow, Wednesday, for Theyoung1s radio show at  The new website is now online and I look forward to hearing from you with any comments.  This is a radio show for young people about young persons issues.  Contact us via our new website  We are going on an outside broadcast on Wednesday morning and we will bring you news about that on the show tomorrow afternoon between 4 p.m. and 6 p.m.



Darcie                       Adam                       Emily                        Jack                            Bryony

Some of our regular presenters


BETWEEN 4pm and 6pm today.  Tune in to the best internet radio for young people.  Run by teenagers.  Listen to our views and great music.

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The Physician – De Medicus

Here is a new web site for the epic feature film The Physician, filmed in Germany.  It was filmed in English and will have the first screening in Germany on 25th December 2013.     The picture is a still from the film.  I play the young version of Rob Cole.

Still from De Medicus Trailer




The Hollywood Reporter




















Ben Kingsley






Adam Thomas Wright


The period drama starring Ben Kingsley and Stellan Skarsgard has been nearly 25 years in the making.

TORONTO — The usual suspects —Harvey Weinstein, FilmNation, CBS Films — took the time to check out the trailer of The Physician at a private buyers screening in Toronto.  The period epic starring Ben Kingsley, Stellan Skarsgard, Oliver Martinez and up-and-coming British actor Tom Payne,  { and me!!)  won’t be finished until late this year. But a quiet buzz is building around the production.

Beta Cinema, a co-producer and the world sales agent for the film, presold The Physician to multiple territories in Cannes including Spain, Poland and Latin America. Universal will release it in Germany, where the film is set up as a holiday tentpole for the territory. Beta says it expects to close several big territories soon, either here in Toronto or at the AFM.  The Physician already has the makings of specialty breakout title.


Good News



I’m really looking forward to doing a new Radio 4Drama.  Doing radio is great because it doesn’t matter what you are wearing and you don’t need any makeup.  It is good fun too as you get to have a good laugh with the other actors.


Just watching  The Munch Box on ITV .  It looked close with these two teams and then the boys won.   My team is  on the programme on the 9th November make sure you watch .  ITV 08.30.

Ben and Anna presenting the programmeThe Munch Box - Copy