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EXCLUSIVE: Content boards UK feature starring Matthew Modine and Olivia Williams, executive produced by Robert Halmi.

Content has boarded worldwide rights to new UK horrorAltar, currently shooting in Yorkshire.

Olivia Williams, Matthew Modine, Screen Star of Tomorrow Antonia Clarke, Adam Thomas Wright and Steve Oram star in the feature, written and directed by Neverland director Nick Willing  and produced by Michele Camarda.

Modine, Williams, Clarke and Wright make up the members of a family who move into a remote English country estate, where it is rumoured the original owner killed his wife in a demonic ritual.


Matthew Modine Visits The Altar
With Olivia Williams in Brit horror 

23 January 2014  |  Written by Phil de Semlyen  |  Source: Variety

There’s been a bits-and-pieces feel to Matthew Modine’s big-screen career of late, with worthy roles in chunky projects like The Dark Knight Rises insufficient to satisfy a fanbase he built up with breakthrough turns in Full Metal Jacket and Memphis Belle. Happily, for anyone craving a dose of pure, uncut Modiness, he’s soon be popping up in Steve Jobs biopic Jobs and according to Variety, he’ll be joining Olivia Williams in Altar, a new British horror earmarked for Toronto’s Frightfest in September

The pair will play an American artist and his English wife and see them fixing up a country pile with a very dark past. There may be shades of The ConjuringThe Woman In Black and other classic haunted house tropes in that back story: a Satanist who sacrificed his wife had been driven to madness by her ghost – a lot of bad feng shui by any standards – and the lingering evil presumably threatens the new inhabitants with a similar fate.

The film is shooting in Yorkshire and stars Adam Thomas Wright and Les Misérables’ Antonia Clarke as the couple’s imperiled offspring, and Sightseers’ Steve Oram in an unspecified role.

Londoner Nick Willing is the man holding the loudhailer and will be bringing his own script to the screen. Coincidentally, considering this morning’s big Peter Pan news, Willing has previously directed J. M. Barrie prequel Neverland. He’s got plenty of experience helming TV miniseries; it’ll be interesting to see what he can do with a feature-length horror.


Producers aiming to debut frightfest at Toronto

Olivia Williams and Matthew Modine are starring in British horror film “Altar,” with production recently starting in Yorkshire, England.

Nick Willing is directing from his own script; Michele Camarda is producing. Antonia Clarke, Adam Thomas Wright and Steve Oram also star.

Robert Halmi Sr. (“Mr. and Mrs. Bridge,” “Gulliver’s Travels”) is exec producing and heading the production teams from the Halmi Co. and Great Point Media in association with Sandover Prods. and Screen Yorkshire. Other exec producers are Robert Halmi Jr. and Jim Reeve for Great Point Media and Hugo Heppell for Screen Yorkshire.

Content Film is handling distribution and is expected to premiere “Altar” at the Toronto Film Festival.

Modine is portraying an American artist and Williams his British wife. The film centers on the couple and their two children who begin renovation work at a remote English estate, where the owner killed his wife years earlier in a demonic ritual. The wife exacted her revenge by haunting him, driving him to madness and suicide.


Monologue Slam 2014

If you would like to take part in the Youth Round (age 11-16), please email for more information. The auditions for the Youth Round will be from 11:00am – 12:00pm at Theatre Royal Stratford East on Saturday 1st February.
Before booking your audition slot please ensure that you are free to attend the event on Monday 17th February 2014. Successful actors will be needed from 4pm on the day.

Archie Dobson’s War

Episode One  of Archie Dobson’s War was broadcast this morning and is available to listen here: –

I  play Archie,  Jade Andrews – Lizzie and Emily Dolbear – Mable . We are all regular presenters on radio station and it was great to do this production.  It is a really moving story.

Archie Dobson’s War – Part 1

archie dobson's war

First broadcast:

Wednesday 15 January 2014

It is the summer of 1914. The Dobsons are getting ready to visit their country cousins, the Carters. Ten-year-old Archie Dobson is particularly excited to be seeing his older cousin Walter. Walter tells Archie of a great adventure he believes to be coming in the near future…and when war is declared, later that summer, Walter enlists in the army.

ALTAR Feature Film

Article from


Friday, January 10, 2014

Filming starts in Yorkshire on independent feature Altar

Filming has begun  on a  psychological thriller Altar from the director of NeverlandNick Willing. When a  family move to an isolated house, events take a terrifying turn.

Screen International Star of Tomorrow 2013 20 year old Antonia Clarke (represented by Troika) plays the 16 year old daughter. Antonia was recently seen in two other ghostly roles in ITV’s supernatural drama Lightfields and the BBC’s psychological drama The Thirteenth Tale.

Rising star Adam Thomas Wright (represented by Susi Earnshaw Management) plays her younger brother. 13 year old Adam recently won a scholarship to Susi Earnshaw Theatre School and will next be seen playing a young Tom Payne in medieval period feature The Physician.

Matthew Modine and Olivia Williams star as their parents.

Altar was cast by Amy Hubbard, with filming scheduled to complete by the beginning of February.

BBC 4 The World according to Garp

The second episode of the BBC 4 drama is on this Sunday at 3.00 p.m.   If you missed episode one it is on again at 9.00 p.m. tomorrow.  I am playing Duncan in episode 2 and 3.

Adam Greaves joins the cast for episode 2 and 3.  He is bottom left, next to me. We had good fun during the breaks!


The Garp family


The Garp Family

Helen (Lyndsey Marshal), Garp (Lee Ingleby), Walt (Adam Greaves-Neal) and Duncan (Adam Thomas Wright).

Radio Review for ‘The World of Garp’

‘The World according to Garp’ which transmitted the first episode of the drama last Sunday has a radio review at: –



This website is devoted to reviews of the best radio drama productions, including book-readings and short stories.


Listen in to Radio 4 on Sunday for episode 2

SETS Spotlight 2013 0568Miranda Richardsonleelyndsey-marshal-joins-james

me, Miranda Richardson, Lee Ingleby and Lyndsey Marshall

Altar Movie

Filming started yesterday on Altar, directed by Nick Willing.  It is about a family who get into lots of trouble when they move in to   a big old English manor house.  I play the son of the family . It has been raining hard since we got here and it is quite muddy.  The dismal weather is right for the film and I am having a great time.  Antonia Clark plays my sister and she is lovely.  My Dad is Mathew Modine and my mum is Olivia Williams and they are both really nice too.

Nick Willing was born in 1961 in London, England. He is a director and writer, known forAlice in Wonderland (1999), Close Your Eyes (2002) and Photographing Fairies (1997). Neverland (2011) 
Directed music videos for artists such as The Eurythmics, Bob Geldof, Swing Out Sister, Debbie Gibson, Kirsty MacColl, Kim Appleby, Tony Banks and Nik Kershaw.
Graduated at “The National Film and Television School” in 1982.
Was largely brought up in Portugal, but settled in England at the age of 12.