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The international teaser trailer for ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ was released yesterday and it got me really excited!

It didn’t give much away which I found annoying at first, but I suppose it leaves me very much looking forward to the next trailer, which will hopefully give more footage. Something that I especially noticed was a new lightsaber. As you will see when you watch the trailer, it is different to the traditional Jedi weapon.


I loved it when the theme tune kicked in and I saw the Millennium Falcon flying through what might have been Tatooine. But don’t get too excited now, we have to wait a whole year before it comes out in cinemas!


GOOD OMENS  BBC Radio 4 from Monday 22nd December at

11p.m.  to Saturday 27th December 2014

THE STELLAR  CAST with Neil Gaiman and Director, Dirk Maggs

Good Omens cast 2

Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchet have taken cameo roles in the production and you can find all about it here:-

Get a sneaky peak here at the clip of what is to come….In an exclusive cameo appearance from Good Omens Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman play two coppers who get more than they bargain for when they attempt to stop a speeding car belonging to the demon Crowley (played by Peter Serafinowicz).

Have a look at the gallery and spot the stars:-


Decameron Nights will air on Radio 3 on Tuesday 2nd December at 22:45

and again as part of Drama on 3 on Sunday 7th December from 22:00.

Decameron Nights is a 1953 anthology film based on three tales from The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio


Here is a new photo which was taken by Kris Rich Photography.


November 2014


The Good Omens Radio Cast is Full of All Your Favourite People

Good Omens radio cast!

Well, the TV show fell through, but thankfully BBC Radio is picking up the slack on Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s Good Omens! Following the success of last year’s Neverwhere adaptation, Dirk Maggs and Gaiman are  bringing Good Omens to life, and some of these casting choices might make us cry.

This first picture of the cast went up on Twitter,  we do know that Peter Serafinowicz (Shaun of the Dead, Guardians of the Galaxy) is playing Crowley and Mark Heap (Spaced) is playing Aziraphale. This is going to be beautiful.

Other cast members include Colin Morgan as Newt Pulsifer, and Louise Brealey is likely playing Anathema Device(?), which means that Molly Hooper got together with Merlin and NOTHING IS MORE PERFECT THAN THIS. Gaiman and Pratchett will be making cameos, Josie Lawrence has been pegged for Agnes Nutter, and Paterson Joseph will take on the role of Famine. Other members of the cast include Games of Thrones’ Clive Russell, Julia Deakin (Spaced, Hot Fuzz), Simon Jones (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), and Phil Davis (Being Human). Adam Thomas Wright  is ‘Adam’ the Antichrist.  The release will happen around Christmas time, and it is the best present we expect to get.

extract from: Tor.Com


After a long wait, news of  a screening for Cardboard Andy  arrived in my email.  It is going on the festival circuit and it is a really bitter, sweet film.  Here is a note from the Director, Dave Aspinall:-

cardboard andy still 4

Cardboard Andy is my latest short film currently playing on the festival circuit worldwide. The film was shot on location in Canvey Island and stars the young and captivating rising talent Adam Thomas Wright, also featuring a solid performance from Darren Jefferies who you may recognise as OB from Holly Oaks all those years ago. Due to festival criteria I am unable to publicly share the film at this time but if you would like to email me I can send you a private link.

cardboard andy still 1

The boy behind me is Archie Clark


Nearly 18 months ago I did a film called Lady Luck which was directed by Jo Lewis.   We filmed in this really old house called Hammerwood House  and the owner was really eccentric and kept disrupting the filming.  I had a great time,  I was the only kid but it was really good fun and everyone was great.   It was another spooky story.

Here is a picture of one of the producers,  Kristin Mcilquham giving me some advice during filming.



Lady Luck

Lady Luck is a short film inspired by the story ‘The Rocking Horse Winner’ by DH Lawrence. Set in a fairy-tale world, the film tells the story of a young boy’s attempt to win over his mother’s love.

Lady Luck has played at The London City Film Festival, The Boston International Kids Film Festival, The LA Women’s International Film Festival,  Cannes Short Film Corner,  The Portsmouth International Film Festival where it was nominated for two awards in the Best Costume Design and Best Production Design categories and The Kolkata Short International Film Festival in India.  Official selection The International Festival of Cinematic Arts LA and won an honourable mention from the SamoIndie Film Festival in Santa Monica.

Lady Luck is official selection for The Monaco International Film Festival, Monte Carlo .  I will be going to Monte Carlo and I am really looking forward to it. Wish us luck!

monaco laurels Monte Carlo Film Festival Poster angel laurels

3257009small label_SFC_2014

samoindie2_honorable-mention_black BIKFFKSIFF official selectionLCFFPIFF-Official-Selection-Laurel_Template3173559



2nd November 2014 016

We all had a great time at Parkour Generations  logoPKGlarge which is based at Trinity Bouy Wharf near East India Docks.  We had a two hour session teaching us how to move and tackled some of the set ups.  We would all love to go back again.  Everybody did well although I know some of us were aching the day after.  We went to Fat Boy’s diner which is very near by afterwards and it is just like an old American diner.

2nd November 2014 053

Here are some action pics:

2nd November 2014 008 2nd November 2014 028 2nd November 2014 007 2nd November 2014 030

2nd November 2014 032 2nd November 2014 037 2nd November 2014 039