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Here we are just about to start a New Year.  Last year went by really quickly and it was a great one. 

January started off with a bang filming  the feature length film Altar which is also known as The Haunting  of Radcliffe House  , which was recently shown on t.v.  I spent a month in Yorkshire which was great fun.

February I went to Belgium to film my bit in ‘The Missing‘ where I met the brilliant James Nesbitt.

I also did some photography stills for National Geographic.

In March filming for Harriet’s Army took place in Newcastle and this mini series was on CBBC and then released over Christmas as a 90 minute film.  It is a lovely story and will last the test of time.

April was quiet, however in May I filmed a short film called Tooth Fairy and also recorded a BBC Radio 4 play for The Stuarts series called Charles II and I played Prince Charles as a boy.

August saw me filming a new BBC series called ‘Outcast’ which will be shown in the Spring.

September was the marathon recording for Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s ‘Good Omens‘ which was hilarious and I met loads of great actors.  ‘Good Omens’ was transmitted over the Christmas week and had a massive following.

October I recorded a  radio play for BBC Radio called The Decameron which was a bit of a comedy and I enjoyed doing it very much. It was called Frederico & The Falcon and it aired on 7th December.   I also did more filming for  BBC 1’s T.V. drama,  Outcast. 

November was back to the BBC Radio for another  drama recording called ‘The Corrections’ which will be transmitted on  5th January 2015 at 10.45  a.m. and 19.25 p.m.

December  was also back to the BBC for a radio drama recording called ‘How did I get here‘ which will be transmitted in the Spring.  and just to end the year on a great high,

I was invited to Monte Carlo, in December, for the Monaco Film Festival 2014.  I was lucky enough to win ‘Best Newcomer’ in the short film ‘Lady Luck’ by Jo Lewis.

Monaco 2014 016

So here are the people to thank for a fantastic year.

Casting Director               Director                            Title  

Amy Hubbard                                  Nick Willing                                 The Haunting of Radcliffe House a.k.a Altar F/Film

Daniel Edwards                               Tom Shankland                           BBC T.V. ‘The Missing’ Drama series

Catherine Willis                               Stewart Svaasand                        CBBC ‘Harriet’s Army’ mini series

Shaheen Schleifer (producer)        Owyn Stephens                           Tooth Fairy (short film)

BBC 4 Radio                                      Sasha Yevtushenko                     BBC Radio 4 Drama ‘The Stuarts’ Charles II

Daniel Edwards                                Iain Softley                                    BBC T.V. Drama ‘Outcast’

BBC 4 Radio                                      Dirk Maggs                                    BBC Radio 4 Drama ‘ Good Omens’

BBC Radio 3                                      Jonquil Panting                            BBC Radio 3 Drama ‘Frederico & the Falcon’

BBC Radio 3                                      Emma Harding                             BBC Radio 3 Drama ‘The Corrections’

BBC Radio 3                                      Jonquil Panting                             BBC Radio 3 Drama ‘ How did I get here’

Victoria Bavister/Krissi Mcilquham      Jo Lewis                                ‘Lady Luck’ short film. multi festival winner and                                                                                                                               Best Newcomer award for me in Monaco









I have just been sent this report from The Monaco Film Festival.  There is a little bit of my interview near the end of the film.  I was invited as part of the team on the short film ‘Lady Luck’ directed by Jo Lewis.  Lady Luck has won quite a few awards with  ’14 Winner Best Short Film LFA, Best Newcomer, Adam Thomas Wright, MIFF, Nominated Best Prod Design, Best Costume Design PIFF!

Lady Luck



‘Good Omens’ article in The Guardian

If you missed last nights start of ‘Good Omens’ by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, you can listen to it on BBC iplayer. The second episode is on tonight at 11.oo p.m and the same goes for every night of this Christmas week apart from the 27th when there will be an hour long finale.

There was a great article in The Guardian about the programme which is produced for BBC Radio 4 and I have copied it below.

Good Omens: devilish festive fun as fantasy novel makes

radio debut

Ambitious Radio 4 adaptation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s comic apocalypse novel airs over Christmas week.
Good Omens
Good Omens will air every night at 11pm this week on Radio 4. Photograph: Pete Dadds/BBC/ 

In the depths of a west London industrial estate, a minor theological crisis has broken out. The biblical point in question is over whether it was Adam or Eve who took the first fateful bite of the apple, thus causing the downfall of humankind. As shouts of “quick, someone fetch a bible” echo around the production studio, the confusion is swiftly and slightly embarrassedly cleared up by a flick through Genesis.

Yet, in the process of making the first radio dramatisation of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s bizarre and cult classic novel Good Omens – a book which grapples with the antichrist, a narcissistic angel and demon duo and a prophetic witch – such issues are simply par for the course.

The adaptation of the novel for BBC Radio 4 was an ambitious undertaking and has attracted a cast including Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap. The task of writing and directing the project has fallen to Dirk Maggs, best known for his BBC radio production of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

“Good Omens is an epic,” said Maggs. “I go on and on about radio being the true visual medium, and I truly believe it is – it paints pictures in the imagination and bypasses the optic nerve and sneaks in through the side door. So for me, radio is the perfect medium for Good Omens. We can create everything from the armies of heaven and hell to a bunch of children playing in a chalk quarry, it’s got all those elements.”

Despite numerous rumours of film and TV adaptations, this is the first time that Good Omens has been dramatised in any format and the six-part radio drama will run every night at 11pm this week from Monday, ending in an hour-long finale on Saturday 27 December.

Maggs said the adaptation had remained very loyal to the original novel and Gaiman and Pratchett willingly offered their input on both the script and casting. The pair even make a cameo appearance in one episode, playing two policeman. Other Radio 4 stalwarts also crop up in the drama, including the panel of Gardeners’ Question Time.

“What’s really great is that both Neil and Terry have been involved in the process,” Maggs added. “I can talk to Neil about it and Terry too, for all his troubles, has fed in all sorts of ideas. Neil came to the read-through and his body language was great – if he’d stiffen slightly I’d check what word he stiffened on and possibly change it. What’s wonderful about working with Neil and Terry is they still love this book as much as the readers love it.”

Published in 1990, Good Omens was developed after Gaiman sent an unfinished manuscript, titled William the Antichrist, to Pratchett and the fantasy author liked the quirky book so much he asked to come on board and co-write it with Gaiman.

Good Omens tells the story of angel Aziraphale, who is also a second-hand book dealer and demon Crowley, who was once the serpent that tempted Eve in the garden of Eden, and their attempts to stop the coming of the apocalypse and preserve their now comfortable lives on earth.

The unlikely fictional duo are played by Heap and Serafinowicz. During the recording of one scene, which sees the angel-demon double act driving down Oxford Street at 90 miles an hour as they plot to kidnap the antichrist, Maggs turned to his producer Heather Larmour noting: “Mark’s got this holy cadence going – I think it’s because his dad’s a Methodist minister.”

Heap admitted he had been slightly intimidated taking on the character of Aziraphale and going against or ruining the vision of the angel held in so many readers’ imaginations. “It’s a fab project isn’t it – so British in that lovely dry, silly sense of humour” said Heap. “I’m very lucky to be here, let alone employed at all in this harsh world of ours. But playing Aziraphale is daunting because you suddenly become aware how widely owned books like this are on people’s minds. They have such a strong sense of this character that you are pathetically trying to portray in your own way, so I have to shut the voices out of my head otherwise I get too paranoid about whether my interpretation will go down alright.”

Discussing his double act with Serafinowicz, Heap said their opposing tonal qualities complemented each other.

“Peter does that dark thing very well and I do the slightly screechy, more pedantic character so it’s a good match” he said. “I do often end up playing pedantic, precise people but I don’t mind that I suppose.”

Maggs also praised Serafinowicz’s quick-witted adlibbing as demon Crowley, and said he would incorporate the unscripted lines and jokes into the final edit.

But Serafinowicz played down his own comedic input. “It’s a story and you can’t do anything to change that but there are bits that you can make your own, a little bit, but it’s a very small percentage really,” he said.

“This character, well he’s amazing – he’s this evil emissary of Satan but he’s not really that bad.” Serafinwicz added. “Mark and I are a double act the whole way through – we’ve known each other for years and he’s just brilliant. I love when we are in the studio, it’s really good fun and when we get into the studio put our headphones on and start recording, it’s like we exist in another dimension.”

Good Omens, BBC Radio 4, begins Mon 22 December at 11p


Having just arrived back recently from The Monaco Film Festival and winning an award for Best Newcomer , I am excited to report that LADY LUCK has just won another award for BEST SHORT FILM at London Film Awards.  Hooray! Well done Jo Lewis, the Director, Abigail Titmuss, my screen mum , Tav MacDougall, my screen dad, Richard Strange, Uncle Oscar and Maurice Byrne, Bassett.

More spooky goings on!!!

paul - Lady Luck - short film

The London Film Awards

As one of the world’s leading international film and screenplay competitions, the London Film Awards celebrates and awards the work of independent film’s best and brightest contemporary filmmakers and screenwriters spanning the globe.  The London Film Awards is a distinguished international platform for both fresh and masterful talent to have their extraordinary work recognized and honored before the media and their industry peers.

Read more:-




This was originally named ALTAR and was filmed last January in Yorkshire .  Fans of horror films will love this movie so make a date in your diary and prepare to be scared!!!

CHANNEL 5 – 9.30 P.M.             27th December

Meg Hamilton moves with her husband Alec and their children Penny and Harper to Radcliffe House, a remote estate on the Yorkshire moors that she has been hired to renovate. Following a series of strange events, it appears that their arrival has triggered paranormal emanations related to the estate’s tragic past and when Meg unlocks the secret of an intricate mosaic, the Hamiltons finds themselves in grave danger from demonic forces unleashed by the previous owner. Supernatural drama written and directed by Nick Willing, with Olivia Williams and Matthew Modine.

Antonia, Olivia and me matthew



Meg                                                    Olivia Williams
Alec                                                    Matthew Modine
Harper                                              Adam Thomas Wright
Penny                                                Antonia Clarke
Greg                                                   Richard Dillane
Nigel Lean                                       Steve Oram
Isabella                                             Rebecca Calder
Sean Donnelly                                Jonathan Jaynes
Charles Kendrick Walker            Stephen Chance


Director                                             Nick Willing
Executive Producer                         Robert Halmi Sr
Executive Producer                         Robert Halmi Jr
Executive Producer                         Jim Reeve
Executive Producer                         Hugo Heppell
Producer                                            Michele Camarda
Writer                                                 Nick Willing
Details by courtesy of Radio Times.



December is busy  for me.  If you like war time dramas, don’t miss ‘Harriet’s Army’ which is a great story about a bunch of kids and what happened in their village during war time.  I play Lewis Brown who is autistic and inadvertently stubbles across some clues which sets off a exciting chain of events.

Pic 1.  Ciara Baxendale plays Harriet and me as Lewis Brown     CBBC  20th DECEMBER AT 5.30 P.M.  (nominated for Kidscreen Award)

Harriet's army still - Copy


Next comes ‘GOOD OMENS’,  this is a big exciting radio drama for RADIO  4 and features a host of very well known actors. The first two episodes start on the 22nd December and carry on each night until the final on the 27th December.

The First Hour Long introductory episode on the 22nd starts at 11.oo p.m.  The reaction to this drama on Twitter has been massive.

Lots of information, photos and clips can be found here:-

Pic 2. Illustration from BBC4 Radio website.  I play Adam the Antichrist



Pic 3.  Courtesy of BBC Website – Here are ‘The Them’



Next but certainly not least is ‘THE HAUNTING OF RADCLIFFE HOUSE’  aka ALTAR

This is my latest feature film and it will be shown for the first time on Channel 5 t.v. on 27th December at 9.30.  This is a really spooky story and if you like being frightened, this is the one for you.

Brilliant Matthew Modine plays my dad, Olivia Williams my mum and the lovely Antonia Clarke is my sister.


And lastly don’t forget the last episode of The Missing tomorrow night, BBC 1 – 9 p.m.  with the fantastic James Nesbitt.  I was only in the first episode but the drama has been gripping from start to finish.

unnamed (22)

Enjoy! and A HUGE, HUGE thanks to everyone involved.

2014 will have lots of good memories including ‘LADY LUCK’ FILM by Jo Lewis winning BEST NEWCOMER IN MONACO

Monaco 2014 016


Last week, I bought the next game in the Dragon Age series, Inquisition.



In the game, your completely customisable character is at the centre of quite a disturbance in their fictional world. After a hole opens up in the sky, which demons start falling through, it comes to pass that you are the only person who can stop it.

The game is highly immersive. I have been playing through the story, as well as the many side quests that appear. Before the game even begins, you get to customise your character and choose their race. You can choose between a human, an elf, a dwarf or a qunari, a seven foot tall, horned beast, which is the race that I chose. You can change your character’s ears, chin, eyes and even the Adam’s apple.

I think that the graphics are of good quality when you think of the size of the game. There are some points where the game doesn’t look exactly realistic but I haven’t encountered any glitches or bugs. Obviously, the graphics are not as good as games such as Assassin’s Creed but they are still relatively good.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that Dragon Age is the game of the year (that should, in my opinion, go to Shadow of Mordor) but is still a must-play game!

MY SCORE: 8/10



According to the Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter, the world will end on a Saturday. A Saturday quite soon, here on Radio 4.

Events have been set in motion to bring about the End of Days

BBC RADIO 4 will be transmitting Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s GOOD OMENS over Christmas week.  It is the first ever dramatisation of the cult classic and stars a host of well known actors including  Mark Heap, Colin Morgan, Peter Serafinowicz and Josie Lawrence.  BBC Radio Times has published information and a great photo gallery.  Take a look.  You can also listen to to clips from the production here:-

There are some great photos and here is one of ‘ The Them’ and Neil Gaiman.

62977 62973

There is also some brilliant artwork on the site, see below.  I am really looking forward to listening to the drama and there is a good piece on British Comedy Guide with an outline of the story from co-writer Neil Gaiman.  Read here:-

p02bqnnp p02dd0cc



I play Adam Young, the Antichrist.




I attended my first film awards this weekend.  It was held in Monte Carlo and it is also the first time I have been there.  It was a three day event and I watched lots of other films.  There were parties and meet and greet things to go to and I met a lot of people from all over the world.  There were contributors from China and Iran as well as European entries.

Our film LADYLUCK is based on DH Lawrence’s – The Rocking Horse Winner and was directed by Jo Lewis of Breakneck Films.  I play the son of the family who tries his best to make his mother happy.  Abigail Titmuss plays my mother, Hester and Tav MacDougall  played Richard,  my Dad. Also appearing were Maurice Byrne as Basset and Richard Strange as my uncle Oscar.

I’m pleased to say that we won!   I won THE BEST NEWCOMER AWARD 2014

Monaco 2014 016



Left to Right:  Richard Strange                     Tav Macdougall                    Maurice Byrne


Ric_Strange Tav_MacDougall images


Abigail Titmuss                                         me and the Director Jo Lewis


images (1)   lady luck 21.5.13 077


Producers: Victoria Bavister and Kristin McIlquham

lady luck 21.5.13 075



Some pictures of the event.  It  was great fun.

Monte Carlo 043 Monte Carlo 025 Monte Carlo 018

Monaco 2014 019  Monaco 2014 045 Monaco 2014 031



CBBC ‘s       KidscreenAwards2015-300x158

Harriet’s Army has been nominated for the KIDSCREEN AWARDS 2015.

The shortlisted entries will continue in the competition through a final round of judging. There will be a gala event on February 24, and the winners will be announced during the Kidscreen Summit in Miami .


Here is a still from the drama with me and Ciara Bexendale who played the main part of HARRIET.

Harriet's army still - Copy

I played Lewis Brown who was autistic.  Being autistic was very hard in those days and people didn’t treat you very well.  However, Lewis is instrumental in solving the mystery which sets the whole scene for the story.  It is a great drama and I think it is not just for kids, I think adults would enjoy it too.  There will be a special movie edition being televised on CBBC on the 20th December  at 5.30 p.m. Catch it if you can, it is worth it.