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I have just finished doing my first Shakespeare play.  It was a part for a Shakespearean radio drama special which will be transmitted next year. Before I went into the studio I was quite nervous, although this will be my 13th radio play,  and I was a bit daunted but surprised to find that I slipped into the language reasonably easily.  Of course, it was helped immensely by being surrounded by such experienced actors whose rich voices helped me to rise to the challenge.

I love new experiences and this was certainly one of them.

unnamed (52)


I have been sent some really great stills from the Tooth Fairy short film.  There is going to be a Kickstarter campaign starting  8/06/15.  “A lost boy, A fairy’s story and a Hook…”

Tooth Fairy 4

This story is different.

Tooth Fairy still 3

Things aren’t what they seem.


Tooth Fairy 5


Be afraid!!


I just heard that Derek VS Derek has finished it’s post production and is being sent to many film festivals.  This is a short film with Director Sebastian Barner-Rasmussen who is a graduate at The London Film School.  I was introduced to Sebastian by Edward Hemmings as I had worked on one of his films way back in 2010 when I played Vassily in his film called Vassily and Petra.    I am pleased to see Edward is doing so well.  He was the assistant Producer on  The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies which has just won the BAFTA for best MINI Series. Also actor, Jason Watkins winning the second BAFTA for the production with BEST ACTOR.  Well done to Edward too. 

Here is a link to the short film Edward produced 5 years ago!It is so funny looking at myself when I was 10 years old. There is a cracking view of London when we were on the top of a very tall building at sunrise over London. Vassily and Petra

Back to Derek VS Derek.

Here is a photo from Derek VS Derek. The story is about a boxing match where Derek’s father, who is also called Derek expects more from his son.  I play Derek.

Displaying Derek v Derek 023.JPG

My friend Jamie Dickinson played Paul.  It was filmed in 2013.  I will put a small clip on  as soon as it is approved.


I have been watching the coverage of the VE day celebrations on the BBC and thought I would pay respect to my grandparents who both went through the war.  My Grandad was a Royal Marine and served on several ships including The Ark Royal. My mum has all his medals, ships records and even his uniform jacket. I believe he was just 18 years old in this photograph.

unnamed (5) Thomas Carr


My Gran worked in a munitions factory and she lived in Liverpool which was badly bombed.  Her parents house was bombed and luckily they escaped but her hair was burnt.  Then she was bombed out of a second house.  She was lucky to come through.  Her brother went missing at sea when he was  18 and was never heard of again.

unnamed (46) Sarah Carr (nee Matthews)

Gran was also about 19 in this photo.  She lived until she was 91 years old and Grandad until he was 80.




I am really pleased to be going to the screening of ‘The Shaman’ at the UK Premier at London Sci-Fi Film Festival at the end of the month.

The Shaman just had a successful outing at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York with lots of talk about its’ originality and the excellent special effects,  so I can’t wait to see what everybody thinks about the film in London. Catch it if you can.

2:00pmSun, 31st May 2015
8:50pmThu, 4th Jun 2015



Written and Directed by Marco Kalantari  and shot in Austria and Iceland it combines the creative power of an international team, including artists from Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine, France, Serbia, Malaysia, UK, Iceland, Germany and Austria.

Follow what is happening with the film at Marco Kalantari’s website



Nick Willing, the Director of The Haunting of Radcliffe House which comes out on DVD next week, told ‘The Spooky Isles’, a website which writes about the paranormal, horror stories and the dark history of UK and Ireland, about the creepy house.

The house we filmed in had its’ own ghost story and it was really spooky for real.  Read  what Nick had to say in the article with this link:-

Altar screening invitation - Copy - Copy

Antonia, Olivia and me