Monthly Archive: November 2016


I’m delighted to say I am on board for this exciting adventure.  I am looking forward to catching up with a number of young actors I have worked with before and haven’t seen for years.


Follow what is happening with the film on the Facebook page below and definitely take a look at the Indiegogo link below:-

Want to be a film star?! Or simply a producer or be on set with our amazing cast, have a photo with Lucy Pinder or Lloyd Daniels or any of the other amazing cast!

Are you looking for that Xmas  for someone special ? Get them something no one else will ever get them. Check out this amazing opportunity to get involved and have your name on the big screen…..

Come on mix with the cast or buy the best and most unique 2016 Xmas present you will find. Incredible opportunity.

New comedy horror feature film set at Christmas that crosses Pulp Fiction and Tales of the Crypt! Written by producer and director James Crow, who was selected for Frightfest 2016! Talented actors from around the country have come together to bring this magically horrific film to life that will be shot in 4K on the RED camera, but we need your help to deliver this epic movie next Christmas! The film is also sponsored by the Vincent Price Estate and has the executive producer of Iron Sky!

Take a  look at the FACEBOOK  page.
Comedy Xmas Horror FEATURE FILM! Vincent Price Estate approved with executive producer of IRON SKY! | Crowdfunding is a democratic way to support the fundraising needs of your community. Take a look at the rewards
at WWW.INDIEGOGO.COM , especially the chance to be personally involved in the film.


The BBC Radio 4 drama ‘How did I get here’ is going to be repeated on the 15th December 2016 at 14.15 pm

So if you missed it first time, tune in and catch up.

How Did I Get Here.

Image result for How did I get here BBC radio images

by Jonathan Myerson


Rebecca looks after her kids, and her Dad. But Dad isn’t how he used to be. Multi-infarct dementia has made him confused, and forgetful of people and his past.

Rebecca misses her Dad. She longs to talk to him, and to ask him questions.

But what if she could have him back? Just the way he always was?

Has she remembered him right?

Produced and directed by Jonquil Panting.


I’m delighted to say our short film ‘Reminiscence’ has been accepted at two film festivals.  We started sending out the applications last week and managed to squeeze in at the last minute to some film festivals before they closed.  Our film is being shown tonight in Florida at the Wellington Amphitheatre via The Free Wellington Student International Film Festival.  Starring Tony Clarkin and me, with Thomas Carty as DOP. Written and directed by Thomas and me.

Beautiful music written and composed for us by Nick Norton-Smith

We also have a official selection for The UK monthly film festival.  We are looking forward to seeing how many festivals we can enter.