Monthly Archive: August 2017


I have just created a brand new page at the fundraising site for our next new short film,  ‘The Drive’ at  This is a innovative way of raising funds for our project.  You collect patrons who are interested in your venture.  I will be providing vlogs and blogs to the page giving information about making short films and also a lot of archive and current news and anecdotes about my acting experiences.  It will be interesting and informative and it won’t cost my patrons a bundle.  You can subscribe for as little as 2$ a month.

Have a look at the link and see what you think.



Great news for the fantasy short film ‘Tooth Fairy’ which is enjoying a fantastic run at the film festivals and is winning awards.  The Fargo Fantastic Film Festival is taking place at the historic Fargo Theatre
on September 21st – 23rd 2017!

The Fargo Theatre is an art deco movie theatre in downtown Fargo, North Dakota, United States. It was built in 1926. It was restored in 1999 to its historic appearance and now is a centre for the arts in the Fargo-Moorhead metropolitan area.

What a great place and fingers crossed for ‘Tooth Fairy’.

Tragic and sinister twist on the legend of Peter Pan.
Created by

Shaheen Schleifer & Owyn Stephens


I have been a bit quiet lately but I have been working away behind the scenes to successfully fund our latest short film.  Unfortunately, the Kickstarter campaign did not succeed and thank you to the people who did back the campaign.  Not to be put off, I am in the process of raising funds in different ways.

I have managed to raise some funds privately and I am about to launch a new campaign via a different medium.  I will write more of that later but it will involve news about the campaign and also a blog with stories and anecdotes about my acting career which started when I was 8 years old.  It will make interesting reading.

I recently went to Belfast,  for a role in a popular CBBC drama and I have never been to Northern Ireland before and I had time to have a look around.  I really enjoyed being there.  Can’t say anything about this yet but will soon.

The thing was, my hair had really grown long and each time I went to a job I thought they would cut it off but it didn’t happen and after I have had some time off to take my GCSE’s, it was really long.  Well, in Belfast they asked me if they could cut it and I said o.k. and now it is gone.  I will get some new pics soon. Here is what ended up on the floor, enough to stuff a pillow!