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You may recall I have written before about the feature film ‘The Physician’, where I played the young Rob Cole.   In the 11th century, as a 9 year old boy, Rob was left to fend for himself having been orphaned. He attaches himself to a travelling Physician and wanders the land.  Driven by his passion to heal and relieve pain he travels to the East where he will pass as a Jew and will adopt the name of Jesse Ben Benjamin, so as not to stand out as European and to make his dream come true. A epic adventure.

Rob Cole 9 years old (still from The Physician , directed by Philipp Stolzl

The book was written by Noah Gordon and I recently heard that the story is being adapted for a  symphonic musical.   This is amazing.  When I first heard about it on twitter, I wondered how that could work out.  I have now watched a number of videos on YOUTUBE where some of the rehearsals have been posted and it looks great!

The extravaganza, a live world premier of El Medico, based on the famous book by  Noah Gordon  is taking place in Fibes Sevilla, Spain from the 20th to 23rd December.

Victoria Galan, below, is playing the young Rob in this production and I wish her success and a wonderful time.

YouTube interview with Victoria. (Spanish)

and a YouTube video of a rehearsal (Spanish)

If you are in Spain and have a chance to get along to the event, You can buy tickets here:-


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A few months ago I did a radio recording for BBC Radio 4  It was recorded in my favourite  studio, Maida Vale.   We  recorded Mr Betjeman’s Class and I was young Paul, Boy 1 and senior boy 2.  The story is about Sir John Betjeman’s life and the first transmission is on Christmas Day at 2.15 p.m.

Mr Betjeman’s Regrets  was the second instalment and will be transmitted on BBC Radio 4 on Boxing Day at the same time of 2.15 p.m.

This will be a poignant experience for me because I played alongside Benjamin Whitrow who played the old Betjeman and he, very sadly, died after a fall at home near the end of the recordings.  It was so sad and it was strange to hear that he had passed away when I had only been talking with him a couple of days before.

You may recognize Benjamin Whitrow from the 1995 BBC version of Pride and Prejudice although you will see from his IMDb link that his body of work is enormous.  I am so glad I got the chance to work with him.

This was a situation which took everyone by surprise and the original transmission was cancelled.  It was decided that Robert Bathhurst would continue the recording and the Christmas Day and Boxing Day transmissions were announced.

You will recognize Robert Bathhurst from TV series like, Cold Feet, Downton Abbey and many more dramas. He was a personal friend of Benjamin and it was apt that he should finish this play.

IMDb link 

Johnathan Smith has written an article for The New Statesman which is about his love of Sir John Benjamin’s work and his regard for Benjamin Whitrow.  Below is a copy of his piece.



Today I loaded a new post about the short film ‘Lady Luck’.  This was a very enjoyable experience and I also had the pleasure of winning Best Newcomer at The Monaco International Film Festival.  If you want to find out about the people and places I have worked with and at, become a patron for access to lots of behind the scenes pictures, stories and anecdotes.