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Assassin’s Creed: Unity

A few days ago E3 was held at The Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles. Every year,  E3 shows trailers from new games.  I was keen to see what was coming out and really excited about Assassin’s Creed 5 Unity which is set in Paris during the French Revolution in the 18th century.   As an actor, I was quite disconcerted and also delighted about how realistic the graphics are.  The characters look so real, if it carries on like this, actors will be out of a job!  Take a look at the link to the trailer which has just been released.   N.B. It has an 18 rating and may be inappropriate for young children.

Assassin's Creed 5 Unity


The Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards will be decided tomorrow, 16th June and up for BEST VIDEO is ‘AS I DROWN’ by ‘THE DEFILED


Here is a link to the track:   Produced by Video Ink, Manchester


I would have loved to go to the event, which is  being held in London Indigo2 but you have to be over 14 and I am not quite.  I hope it wins the award. Take a look at the video above and you will see me in a totally different way!!!

The Defiled photos 3



Last week I spent three days filming a short film called Tooth Fairy which was written and directed by Owyn Stephens.  It was quite intense and all the filming was done with the actors in a small room which was just a big box.  I played a cross between the victim and the baddie so it was very interesting crossing from one to the other.

The Box.


This is me and Kim Allan who played  the ‘Fairy’

kim and me

and here I am in my rags, I have been let out for a break during a break sitting in my rags!  The day before this I recorded a BBC Radio 4 drama and I was a Prince!

Tooth Fairy

Life’s a merry go round!



I have done a couple of acting roles recently which involved the subject of war.   Archie Dobson’s War was about a boy, me, Archie, who witnessed what happened to his family when the war came and took away his father and other relatives and what seemed exciting at the time soon turned into something much more serious.  I also recently played a role of an autistic boy who along with a group of other children foiled a German assault in Harriet’s Army, which is due to screen this month on CBBC. My mum helped me with this article last night.  She dug out a pile of papers I have never seen before and this was prompted by me asking if my Grand dad had been at the D.Day Landings. I never met my mum’s dad because she was one of the youngest in her family and she had me late so I had a Grand Dad who served as a Royal Marine during the 2nd World War. Here is a photo of him when he was 18 years old and he joined  the Royal Marines on the 19th May 1937.

unnamed (5)

Thomas Carr 6/10/1918 to 11/8/1998

We have lots of old documents including medical, identity and  photographs. He served on many ships during the war including HMS Ark Royal.  We have a certificate of service which charts where he was and what ship he was on.  He was on the Ark Royal when it sank during his term.  He obviously got off safely.  My mum said he never talked about the war and if she asked him he would say he wanted to forget it.  During July1943 and  Februrary1945   He was serving on HMS Duke of York pictured below.


unnamed (2)

On 29 March 1944, Duke of York and the rest of the Home Fleet left Scapa Flow to provide a support force for Convoy JW 58.[35] The ship operated in the Arctic and as cover for carriers conducting the Goodwood series of air strikes on the German ship Tirpitz, sister ship to Bizmark, in mid to late August With the sinking of the Tirpitz, Hitler lost the last influential ship of his surface battle fleet and this marked the end of Germany’s naval war in northern waters. With the safe arrival of so many ships, and the destruction of three U-boats, plus a fourth incidental kill, and six shadowing aircraft, JW 58 was one of the most successful Arctic convoys run by the Allies during World War II. JW 58 was the last Arctic convoy for several months. The sequence was discontinued during summer 1944 as all naval forces were required for Operation Neptune, the cover for the Normandy landings. It re-commenced in August 1944 with Convoy JW 59. Decorations to those taking part in JW 58 were announced on July 18 1944

He was compassionately discharged from The Royal Marines in April 1947 because my Grand Mother was seriously ill.  However, she went on to survive him by some 10 years. This photograph shows his various medals including the Africa Star, the Atlantic Star, the Pacific star and a special Russian commemorative medal.   Grand Dad joined the Liverpool Metropolitan Police straight after his discharge and remained there until he retired.  The picture also shows his medals for life saving and The Red Cross which I suppose he had to have for the police.  The big silver one with the blue and white ribbon is a a medal for Exemplary Police Service.

unnamed (4)


unnamed (3)

I knew nothing of this and it has been really interesting to research it.  I wish I had met my Grand Dad and this article is a tribute to him and all the other servicemen and women who are taking part in  this remembrance day.


Take a look at the new U+ website.  This is a great website which is aimed at people under 25 years old.  You can enter competitions and there is a wall where you can put your photographs, artwork etc: and you can sell your work, if you want.  They also offer all sorts of creative opportunities in production,  presenting, all sorts of courses and events, the list just goes on.  It is a non profit organisation so everything is free to enter.  They recently opened their new office in the USA and there is a competition running now where you an make a trailer for your film, enter it on the site and it will be judged by a panel of experts.  There is the opportunity that, if you win,  your trailer will be made into  a film with the help of film professionals and screened in film festivals and you will go to Hollywood or London depending where you are from.    Go to the site and have a look.  There are lots of things to get involved in.

Are you ready to make it in the movie business?

STEP ONE: Make your trailer in iMovie, Adobe™ Premier, or similar editing software.
STEP TWO: Go to COMPETITIONS & upload your entry.
STEP THREE: Share it with your friends and ask them to like it.

The trailers with the most likes will go before a panel of judges who then choose the winner. The winner will receive a free round trip ticket to Los Angeles or London depending where you live. This could be you!

The competition is NOW OPEN so get creating!! Closing deadline is Wednesday August 13th May!



Harris Manchester College, Oxford University

Last night I was invited to a dinner at Harris Manchester College, Oxford University.  I met a lot of interesting people and had a good look around the college.  It was just like Harry Potter when the Principal and other lecturers came in for dinner.  A mallet was banged on the table and we had to stand as they filed in.  We sat down to dinner after the head table had sat down and when it was finished the mallet was banged on the table again and all the top table filed out.

Dinner at Oxford

I would love to go here and it was exciting to look around the library.  One of the college’s specialised subjects is Politics which is PPE Politics, Philosophy and Economics, which I am very interested in, apart from Science and Physics.  I hope I can make the grade.  That is my brother sticking his head in and laughing!!!




Just three days to go to the end of the voting on the Cut Films Competition for films tackling tobacco issues.  Please take a look at my submission,  Interview with Matthew Modine and if you like it vote for me! Matthew Modine is an environmental activist and he was kind enough to let me interview him.  My submission is a short version of that interview. Please vote for my film, it will only take a few seconds.  Thanks.

Click this link  to view my short film ‘Interview with Matthew Modine‘.

You can view one of Matthew’s own environmental  films here:-


Wow! It is so hot today.  I went into London yesterday to do a read through for a new short film.  It is another horror film and I am really looking forward to doing it.  It will be scary!  I am off to the BBC next week to record a part in a period radio drama about the British Monarchy.  I will be a prince!!!   At the end of May, I will be filming a short film which has a dark fantasy theme. So May has been all go, which is great. Actor, Tom Payne, who played the older me in The Physician is going to star  in a new “quantum theory” thriller DxM announced at Cannes the other day.  I am very envious because this is what I would like to do for real when I grow up (apart from acting). I am particularly interested in Physics, especially Astrophysics.  Congratulations Tom!!!  I hope the good weather lasts through to half term, which starts next week. I am looking forward to some lie ins. The Physician - Berlin World Premier

U+PROJECT is backing Barnet Film Competition



An Interview with Matthew Modine

Adam Thomas Wright, one of our U+ members has entered his 2 min short film into a competition which is being held by Barnet Cut Films.  It is an annual competition.
Adam was away filming in Yorkshire when he was told about it and he was asked if he could submit a short film.  As he was the only child on set, he was a bit unsure as to what he could do.  Then he had the bright idea of asking the main actor on set if he would help out and it worked out brilliantly.  The film was filmed on an iPad during a rest period.
Click the link below to see ‘An Interview with Matthew Modine’.
As this is a competition it would be great if you would consider voting for his film.  Just go to or on Facebook or Yahoo or all of them if you like!
Good luck Adam – we’re routing for you!
You can view all the other films in the competition too, on the website.


Offering FREE filmmaking workshops for young people across Barnet to enter into our annual competition. Looking at Tobacco issues.       Barnet ·

THE YOUNG 1s RADIO SHOW…click here

We have our own radio show at our school and this photo was taken yesterday and tweeted!!  Although I look as if I have had the surprise of my life! I was actually talking about ‘Dancing like a Chicken Day’  which was yesterday.  So people all over the world will have been doing the dadadada song.  Check out the article on our blog on where you can find all the news about our radio show and loads of interesting articles.  You can also listen live on the website , the show  is live from The Bull Theatre every Wednesday between 4p.m. and 6p.m.

We are !! Adam seems very happy about this!  (Twitter)

The Bull Theatre      

Dancing like a chicken day.

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