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Believing that the young talents of today will be the big names of cinema in the future, the Festival de Cannes created  “Cannes Short Film” in 2011.   Today is the start of the Cannes Film Festival  and I am pleased to say that  a short film that I was involved in has been entered this year.  It was a couple  of years ago that I filmed a sort of cameo role  in a short film called ‘Stitched’

This is a picture of me and Scarlett Clegg who played my little sister.

13.5.12 003

Stitched is a dark and twisted tale, about a grandmother longing to be young again. This is a horror fantasy for both the young and the old.

Director: Luke de Lacey  Production:  Elizabeth Cook      GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY

Writers:  Craig Jenner (script editor), Luke de Lacey



The kids in my school were asked to create an anti- smoking film along with all the schools in our area.  Some of the films have been entered into the  Barnet film festival.  All the films have been designed to encourage children not to smoke.   My film is called ‘Interview with Matthew Modine’ and you can vote for it on the link below. Cut_Films-Barnet2 Everybody please vote for my film if you can.  Thanks. Voting tips and how to vote can be found on the website here:

Just press the green arrow underneath the film to vote!


This is my school and I am really glad to be celebrating their 25th Anniversary.  We are doing all sorts of things including our own Stage Show to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.  We have our own theatre , The Bull Theatre, to perform in.  We have our own casting department and they keep me busy with assignments and we have great teachers. My favourite subjects are Maths and Science.  I was lucky enough to win a Stage scholarship and it made my dreams possible.

Contact details:-

 SETS Scholarship Auditions 2014


Director Jo Lewis is crowd funding her next short film ‘VIKING’  We worked together on ‘LADY LUCK’ and she is great. This is a picture of me and Jo at the screening.   If you want to find out more, the details are below.  Help if you can.  Thanks.

lady luck 21.5.13 077



From: Jo Lewis <>

Subject: Viking short film

Dear all,

We are crowdfunding our next short film and are looking for 300 people to give us £10!!!!  Our film is directed by the wonderful Sam Callis (The Bill, London’s Burning) who has played in the West End and at The Old Vic.  Sam’s last film premiered at the BFI London Film Festival.
The Film is called ‘Viking’ and stars Sophie Thompson – Four Weddings and a Funeral, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1 and Andrew Lancel – Coronation Street, Queer as Folk, The Bill.
Would you please visit our fundraising page – give us a tenner and pass on to 5 friends?
Thank You –   TEAM VIKING

Archie Dobson’s War

If you missed it the first time..Archie Dobson’s War is going to be on again in June.  It is a cracking story, if I say so myself!!!

Next on

3 upcoming broadcasts


Lais and her mum came to visit  and yesterday we went out for a long walk in the country.  Lais is from Berlin and she played my sister in ‘The Physician’ which was filmed in Germany and Morocco.  Unfortunately it didn’t come to the cinema here even though it was the top film in Germany.  It is out on DVD on the 22nd May from Amazon.   It was great to see her again

Me and Lais yesterday and as we looked last year!



Image9 - Copy


On Sunday  I went to The Gadget Show,  it was really buzzing and I made a dash to the Games Station to have a go  on all the new Games.  Take a look at my video report, click the link below.

There were so many great things, robots,  including a giant mechanical spider,  strap on legs that made you 3ft taller like a bigger version of  The Fawn from Narnia.  I particularly liked the spy in the sky remote controlled camera and the underwater phone that you can use when diving.

I met up with Darren Jeffries, he was presenting at the show.


Darren and I have worked together before and it was great to see him again.  We had time for a bit of a catch up but then he was off again to do more presenting in the hub with his friend and colleague Matt Littler.   I have been  deciding for ages whether to get a new Xbox One or PS4 and there was a debate in The Hub which was really good as Darren and Matt put forward their arguments for each console.


Darren and Matt on the left and Aled Heyden Jones and Lucy Hedges on the right.

The lads have their own YouTube channel, We Got Game – The Channel dedicated to bringing you all the most up to date news, reviews, trailers and interviews from the gaming world.  Find out more about it here:- 

It is the first time I have been to the show and I would definitely go again.


I am going to The Gadget Show this weekend and I have already seen something I would love.  You can use it as a gaming room, something I would be delighted to have.  It is  It costs £15,000 so I don’t suppose I will get one soon!!!

tetra-shed-hot-stuff tetra-shed-2


I will see if I can find some cool gadgets to show you on my blog next week.