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You can see the much celebrated short film by Marco Kalantari on Vimeo.

The highly acclaimed, blockbuster-style short film THE SHAMAN premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York in 2015. After that it ran successfully at numerous film festivals around the globe, including Los Angeles, London, San Diego and the DragonCon in Atlanta. The trailer turned into a viral sensation with over 4 million views.




London Sci-Fi Film Festival 015


At Horror Channel’s FrightFest 2016, Premiere Scene’s interview by Claire Bueno about The Windmill Massacre.


You can listen my bit of the interview here:- 

If you want to see the full interview it is here:-

Other festivals coming up.  Utrecht, Los Angeles and hopefully going to Sitges.



I had a great time at the FrightFest film festival last week, where The Windmill Massacre, conceived and directed by Nick Jongerius and produced by Daniel Koefoed, had it’s International premier.

Windmill Massacre poster

The film is set in Nick’s native Holland and received lots of attention and excellent reviews. I enjoyed myself very much, especially at the Q&A sessions.

Next will be the Utrecht Film Festival and I will  be going and after that special screening in LA.

Dutch Premier



Well,  it is nearly here, the world premier of The Windmill Massacre.  I will be going to FrightFest 2016 on the 29th August at the new venue at Shepherds Bush.  I am really excited to meet up with everyone again and enjoy the day.

There is quite a buzz about the film in the press with a number of newspapers flagging it up for attention.  The Metro listed it in their best films list and The Guardian had the festival in their top ten best things to do this weekend.  What are you doing this weekend?

unnamed (3)



I have selected some of the music videos I have done over the years and put them in age order.  I can watch myself growing up to music!

The first one is by Thee Uncomfortables and is called Levi’s Genes.  This was a great day and filmed about 7 years ago. We got to have a real food fight. I was Kurt Cobain.

The next video was by Mujde and called ‘Distorted Pictures’.  This was much more serious about domestic abuse, although I would say that the violent bits were edited and I was not aware of what was happening at the time.

Next is the Panasonic song, ‘Shall be Done’ by Sarah Brightman.  This was another fun day on an apple farm.  I remember climbing all over the wagons and tractors during lunchtime.  Really long hair!

‘Made in China’ was a video made for a young band called Rat Race.  It was a lovely summer day and I enjoyed getting to ride my bike around a park near Croydon somewhere.

On a freezing cold day in a quarry in Bacup, this video called ‘As I Drown’ by The Defiled is one of my favourites. It was mad. The crew were great. There was no vehicle access other than a special terrain vehicle. It was like camping. The waterfall in the background is really frozen!  I also got to show my angry side for a change!

Lastly, the lovely Aurora and her single called ‘Conqueror’ This was filmed, last year,  in a beautiful old chapel in London and Aurora was great.  Quite often you are ‘kept away‘ from the ‘star’ when filming but she actually came out and invited us into her rooms and shared her sweets and goodies with me.  We spoke about all sorts of things and she was so natural and warm.  A great memory.  This track has over 3 MILLION views! ALSO, I am fluent in binary and when I saw what I had to do, I wrote the latter part of the notes for real….Do you know what it says?

P.S.  I am not a giant, Aurora is tiny!

I hope you enjoyed the time travel. 



I am delighted to repeat this article from Deadline Hollywood:-      



North American distribution rights to the suspense thriller The Windmill have been acquired by XLrator, which plans to release the film through its genre label “Macabre” in October. Originally titled The Windmill Massacre, the Film hearkens back to slasher pics like Friday The 13th and follows an Australian girl on the run from her past who ends up in Amsterdam where, in a desperate attempt to stay ahead of the authorities, she joins a group of tourists but ends up trapped with them in what may be a haunted landmark, learning that the thing they all have in common is a shared secret that has marked them for doom.

Starring Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones), Charlotte Beaumont, Patrick Baladi, Adam Thomas Wright, Tanroh Ishida, Ben Batt, Fiona Hampton and Bart Klever.  The windmill marks the directorial debut of Nick Jongerius (who produced Frankenstein’s Army and Dead End) and was written by Suzy Quid and Chris W. Mitchell. Daniel Koefoed (Frankenstein’s Army), Jongerius, Guirec Van Slingelandt (Kidnapping Mr. Heineken) and Eric Brenner (Amnesiac) produced. It will have its world premiere in August at FrightFest. The acquisition deal was negotiated by XLrator Media’s Barry Gordon with Blue Fox Entertainment’s Todd Slater on behalf of the filmmakers.

So exciting.  Congratulations to all the crew and production team. 





My school friend, Tom Carty and I have collaborated on a new short film.  We are very pleased with the result.  The film is complete.  However, the music we want to finish the film is quite  expensive, well expensive for us. Therefore, I have started a kickstarter campaign to help towards the costs of the copyright and the fees involved for placing the film in as many film festivals as possible.

It would be great if you could help and there are some rewards available.  Check out the kickstarter link below 



Another chance to listen to the beautiful story Archie Dobson’s War.  It is the story of an ordinary family and what happens when the family have to cope with the events of World War I.   Written by Rob John, this BBC Radio adaptation was produced for schools but it really could hold a prime time spot on BBC Radio 4.  Have a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

BBC Radio - Archie Dobson's War 001

Emily Dolbear, Jade Andrews and Me, (Archie)

Archie Dobson’s War – Part 1          20 minutes

It is the summer of 1914. The Dobsons are getting ready to visit their country cousins, the Carters. Ten-year-old Archie Dobson is particularly excited to be seeing his older cousin Walter. Walter tells Archie of a great adventure he believes to be coming in the near future…and when war is declared later that summer Walter enlists in the army and leaves for France.

Archie Dobson’s War – Part 2        20 minutes

The second part of the story ‘Archie Dobson’s War’. Archie’s cousin Walter has gone to join the war in France. Archie wonders what life is like for Walter at the front and then receives a letter from him describing the Christmas truce of 1914. Later a Zeppelin passes over Archie’s house and drops its bombs on the town – suddenly the War no longer seems remote. Mr Dobson is given a white feather in the street and then in 1916 a letter arrives informing him that he has been conscripted. He tells the children not to worry…but Archie and Mabel have learnt enough to know how serious the situation is.

Archie Dobson’s War – Part 3        20 minutes

In the third and final episode of ‘Archie Dobson’s War’ we hear from the front lines where both Walter and Edward Dobson are preparing for the ‘big push’. Back on the home front the attitudes of both Archie and Mabel towards the War are changing. Then the Armistice is announced and the country celebrates; but for Archie and Mabel the celebration is tempered by recent events.

archie dobson's war

 BBC –  Stuart Fyfe and Marie Crook


VUE Cinema West 12 Shepherds Bush Green London W12 8PP


Make sure you get tickets to see The Windmill Massacre.  Be ready to get the fright of your life. 

The World Premiere is at FrightFest 2016.  and will be screened on the main screen on the 

29th August 2016.

 Horror Channel Screen 10.45am – Arrow Screen 1.30pm – Splice Media Screen 4.15pm.


World Premiere

Director: Nick Jongerius. Cast: Noah Taylor, Charlotte Beaumont, Adam Thomas Wright,  Patrick Baladi, Fiona Hampton, Ben Batt.  Bart Klever, Tanroh Ishida.    The Netherlands 2016. 85 mins

A group of unsuspecting tourists awaken a mysterious evil whilst on a trip through the Dutch countryside in a nostalgia-tinged shocker from the FRANKENSTEIN’S ARMY creative team. FRIDAY THE 13TH goes Amicus when a coach party embark on a tour of Holland’s windmills. When the bus breaks down, the strangers are forced to seek shelter in a disused barn beside a sinister windmill where, legend has it, a Devil-worshipping miller once ground the bones of locals instead of grain. As members of the group start disappearing, secrets are revealed that seem to mark them all for doom.

FrightFest is a five-day 60+ film extravaganza that runs from the 25th to the 29th of August.  The 2016 event takes place in the VUE Cinema, West 12 Shopping and Leisure Centre, Shepherds Bush Green, London, W12 8PP.

Ticket prices for 2016 are: –

Full Festival pass £185.

Day pass Thursday 25th August £30, Friday 26th and Saturday 27th August £60, Sunday 28th and Monday 29th £50.

Single tickets for our main and discovery screen film are £14.00.

As in past years, our festival and day passes come with an allocated seat in one of our three Main Screens.  When watching films in these screens, you are expected to sit in your assigned seat.

Festival and day passes also allow holder access to films in our Discovery Screens at no additional cost.  The passes have a unique code which allows this on a first come first serve bases.  We release these tickets in the run-up to the event, and they can be booked online in advance.

Our programme of films and events will be announced at 2 pm on Friday 1st July with Festival and Day passes on sale from noon the following day, Saturday 2nd July.  Single tickets will be released on 23rd July 2016.

Hope to see you soon!








Our student app design team has entered the final stages of the Apps for Good competition. They will be presenting in central London on the 20th of June.

They are also being entered into the ‘Peoples Choice Award’ category. To help make this a reality please visit (until the 20th June) and vote for ‘Rocket Code’.

Voting will begin at 9:00am on the morning of the 13 June and will close at the end of the Marketplace at 7:30pm on 20 June, just before the Awards ceremony.

Thanks for reading.