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I bought skyrim with my birthday money and I am up to level 8.  I really like this game, it is one of the best I have played.  I like exploring the map without being forced to do quests.  My character is Argonian which is a lizard man .  I have just joined the Stormcloaks and I am going to get the jagged crown.

Sunday afternoon

We had a late lunch at Sally Pussey’s pub restaurant just off the M4 at junction 16 towards Wootten Bassett.  It was very nice and we were served quickly and the portions were too big for me but my brother would have loved it.


Yesterday was my birthday.  I was 11 years old in the 11th month of the 11th year.  I was born 11 years ago in the 11th hour.  I don’t think this will ever happen again.   It would almost line up if I got to 111 years old but the month wouldn’t .



I will shortly be adding a donation page. All donations will go to Barnardo’s which I am trying to raise money for.



This is my new site. I will be updating it with new pictures and photos shortly!