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We got much more snow that we thought so we were able to complete the mission.   One snow family and a dog.



Whoo Hoo, it is snowing in Hertfordshire.  A picture out of my bedroom window.  Can’t wait until tomorrow.


I got an email today from Dave Aspinall of Block Films.  He is the director of his short film called ‘Cardboard Andy’ featuring Darren Jeffries, me and Archie Clark.   He said things are going well and it will be ready soon.  He sent this picture of us during filming where he pretended to look fed up but I couldn’t keep a straight face.  My mum thinks we look alike.

Saturday again

thanks to Chris Palmer for inviting us to see ‘The boy with Chocolate Fingers’  I played ‘Donald’  and he has chocolate fingers.

My brother and his wife came to watch as well and we all had a lovely day.   Afterwards we went for something to eat and we also went bowling.

Here is a photo of me and Chris after the screening.



Today I went for my first course lesson for traditional archery with a long bow.   I met Andy Stevens from Celtic Harmony in Hertfordshire.  He has played an archer in films and he was in Robin Hood with Russell Crowe.   He put me right on how I should be doing it.  I have been practising with my bow in a field with hay bales so it was good to have a proper lesson.   Celtic Harmony do re-enactments and I would like to join in when I am older and my riding and archery is good.   We had to go to London for an appointment and by the time we got there I was starving.  We went into the Fresco cafe near The American Church and I had an all day breakfast.  it was lovely.


Year of the Dragon

I went up to London last night to see ‘The Artist’.  I had to write a review of what I thought about the film.  We went to the Curzon in Soho.  It was packed solid and there wasn’t a single seat left.   When we were in Shaftesbury Avenue we passed China Town where all the decorations are being put up for the Chinese New Year.   It is the year of The Dragon.   My sign is the Dragon so maybe this is going to be a great year for me.


Oh Deer

I looked out of my window into the woods behind and saw something move.  I had to look really hard to see it but eventually made out the shape of a deer.  We have been waiting for ages to see one and mum run and got the camera for me.   I was so lucky to snap it before it moved off.  It was quite big for a Muntjac.  I tried to sneak out and follow it but it was too quick for me and every time I got near enough to take a photo, as soon as I moved, it ran away.    It was about 12.30 and the sun was shining.  I was very excited and pleased that I got a few photos.

Friday 13th

My mum was born on Friday the 13th and she says it is lucky for her.  She always does the lottery on the 13th.    I have had a busy week with auditions last Saturday and two this week.  Fingers crossed for some luck.  My new drum teacher is very good fun and he tells me stories in my drum lesson and he is very, very good at drumming.  I am moving on quite quickly now and I am really looking forward to practising tomorrow.    My second cousin Sarina Mae lives in Holland and she has sent me a picture of her horse which was taken at the beach in Monster.  I want to go to Monster because it sounds like there should be zombies there.    I think he looks really handsome, his name is Kenan.  Sarina Mae is a singer and songwriter.


Welcome to 2012.  This is my Skyrim character.  He is wearing Dwarven armour and I think it looks cool.   I have reached level 25 and have bought a house in Windhelm.