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The Outcast

The Outcast, the best seller, written by Sadie Jones and directed by Iain Softley, is coming to BBC television in July. The 2 x 90 minute drama which starts in pre war Britain,  The story is quite dark and follows the life of Lewis, the adult part being played by George Mackay.  I play a friend, Ed, he is one of  the Lewis character’s friends, when they were children.

The filming took 8 weeks and took in many beautiful country settings and beautiful buildings.  It is a lavish production by Blueprint Pictures and directed by Iain Softley, starring Greg Wise, Hattie Morahan and Jessica Brown Findlay.

Me and Greg Wise during filming.  Short hair! Makes me look about 10! and Greg was lowered down, I am not that tall!

Outcast day 2 035 - Copy




I have just heard that Lady Luck has been nominated for 8 Awards at the Global Independent Film Awards in the US.

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Good luck everybody!

Best Supporting Actor:    Lady Luck, Maurice Byrne as Bassett, UK
Lady Luck, Richard Strange as Uncle Oscar, UK

Best Supporting Actress: Lady Luck, Abigail Titmuss as Hester, UK

Best Actor under 18 yrs:  Lady Luck, Adam Thomas Wright, Paul, UK

Best Production Design:  Lady Luck, by Esme Duncan and Sarah Lewis, UK

Best Costume:                    Lady Luck, by Anisha Fields and Tara Shucart, UK

Emerging Film maker:     Lady Luck, Writer, Producer, & Director Jo Lewis, UK

Drama Genre:                    Lady Luck, Produced by Jo Lewis, et. al., Directed by Jo Lewis, UK


The Tooth Fairy trailer has just been released and the Kickstarter campaign has begun.  This is a dark tale with a  twist to the Peter Pan story.

Years after Peter Pan and the Lost Boys defeated Hook and the pirates, the film centres on Billy, an abused and neglected boy in the heart of modern day London…

As he sleeps one night, Billy is visited by a Tooth Fairy. Addicted to pixie dust and wielding a bat, she’s on the hunt for Teeth whether they’re under the pillow or not and Billy wakes up just in time to save his. As an unlikely friendship grows between them, the Fairy’s dealer ‘Pete’ arrives and Billy is offered an invitation to a life of adventure, far, far away from his abusive home life.

But this invitation comes at a hefty price….

Now the film is shot, we need to raise money for the post production, especially for the VFX (Visual Effects) sequences that need to be completed. We need £3000 to make that happen, and that’s why we’re reaching out on Kickstarter…

Have a look at the goodies you can pledge for.  Thanks.

Click here:-   Kickstarter 



I went along to the screenings of The Shaman on Sunday and Thursday.  It was great to meet up with some of the cast again and we had a good time.  The Shaman has just finished it’s International Screening at The Tribeca Film Festival in New York and received great reviews and rumours of a future feature.  Fingers crossed.  It was filmed in Austria and Iceland with an international cast.   Marco Kalantari is the writer, director and he is based in Tokyo.

Have a look at the website.

Cast by Mark Summers

London Sci-Fi Film Festival 015


Danny Shayler, Susanne Wuest, me and David Sayers.

London Sci-Fi Film Festival 006



David Sayers, me and 1st AD Martin Kirchner



unnamed (56)

On Wednesday I went along to the auditions for the Junior Monologue Slam at the Stratford East Theatre.  If you are aged between 11 and 17 years old you can enter.  You choose a piece from a play, film, book or you can write your own. It has to be one minute long and it can be drama or comedy.

I am pleased to say I have got through to the semi finals of the next round.  It will be held on the 15th June at the Stratford East Theatre and there will be special guests and judges from the industry including casting agents.

You can buy tickets to come and watch and support at:-

Triforce Events have been doing the slams for a number of years now and I competed a couple of years ago, I got through to the semis, I didn’t win but my friend George Morley won an award.  It was the first time I had stood in front of a theatre packed with people and stood alone on the stage.  It was a great experience and I am looking forward to the 15th.

TriForce Creative Network was created in 2004 by two best friends and working actors Fraser Ayres (The Smoking Room, Son of God) and Jimmy Akingbola (Rev, Holby City).



You can find out all about them here:-

You can find out about the Junior Monologue Slam at the link below and go on the mailing list for the next rounds.



The last few weeks have been a bit quiet but last Friday I had a meeting with a Talent Agent and I am delighted to say that I am now represented by Sainou Talent Agency London.  I am really excited about this new development in my career.



I have just finished doing my first Shakespeare play.  It was a part for a Shakespearean radio drama special which will be transmitted next year. Before I went into the studio I was quite nervous, although this will be my 13th radio play,  and I was a bit daunted but surprised to find that I slipped into the language reasonably easily.  Of course, it was helped immensely by being surrounded by such experienced actors whose rich voices helped me to rise to the challenge.

I love new experiences and this was certainly one of them.

unnamed (52)


I have been sent some really great stills from the Tooth Fairy short film.  There is going to be a Kickstarter campaign starting  8/06/15.  “A lost boy, A fairy’s story and a Hook…”

Tooth Fairy 4

This story is different.

Tooth Fairy still 3

Things aren’t what they seem.


Tooth Fairy 5


Be afraid!!


I just heard that Derek VS Derek has finished it’s post production and is being sent to many film festivals.  This is a short film with Director Sebastian Barner-Rasmussen who is a graduate at The London Film School.  I was introduced to Sebastian by Edward Hemmings as I had worked on one of his films way back in 2010 when I played Vassily in his film called Vassily and Petra.    I am pleased to see Edward is doing so well.  He was the assistant Producer on  The Lost Honour of Christopher Jefferies which has just won the BAFTA for best MINI Series. Also actor, Jason Watkins winning the second BAFTA for the production with BEST ACTOR.  Well done to Edward too. 

Here is a link to the short film Edward produced 5 years ago!It is so funny looking at myself when I was 10 years old. There is a cracking view of London when we were on the top of a very tall building at sunrise over London. Vassily and Petra

Back to Derek VS Derek.

Here is a photo from Derek VS Derek. The story is about a boxing match where Derek’s father, who is also called Derek expects more from his son.  I play Derek.

Displaying Derek v Derek 023.JPG

My friend Jamie Dickinson played Paul.  It was filmed in 2013.  I will put a small clip on  as soon as it is approved.


I have been watching the coverage of the VE day celebrations on the BBC and thought I would pay respect to my grandparents who both went through the war.  My Grandad was a Royal Marine and served on several ships including The Ark Royal. My mum has all his medals, ships records and even his uniform jacket. I believe he was just 18 years old in this photograph.

unnamed (5) Thomas Carr


My Gran worked in a munitions factory and she lived in Liverpool which was badly bombed.  Her parents house was bombed and luckily they escaped but her hair was burnt.  Then she was bombed out of a second house.  She was lucky to come through.  Her brother went missing at sea when he was  18 and was never heard of again.

unnamed (46) Sarah Carr (nee Matthews)

Gran was also about 19 in this photo.  She lived until she was 91 years old and Grandad until he was 80.