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Now we are in the Corona virus era, I have had time to catch up on things that I should have been doing.

I am keeping busy with writing and devising my next short film which, of course, will be a while until everything gets back to some sort of normal.

My last short film, The Drive, has been going around the festival season and has been accepted into quite a few festivals. For a first real effort, I am very happy with the response.

Latest poster

I have attended a number of these film festivals but I was unable to go to the one where the film got first place as it was in America and financially non viable.

I have a new website for all my film making enterprises


I am sorry I have been neglecting this blog/diary. There has been a lot going on recently, mostly to do with ‘The Drive’ which has been selected in a number of film festivals and gaining a win at a film festival in West Virginia, USA.

The Drive also was screened as part of the Edinburgh Fringe at the Nightpiece film festival. I was taking a film course in Edinburgh and also attended the film festival. It was quite an experience and everybody should try and go to the Edinburgh Film Festival. You are spoilt for choice for what to do.

However, it is quite expensive, hence we took our old camper and camped just outside Edinburgh. Luckily it wasn’t too wet as we did get some spectacular thunderstorms whilst we were there.

The Film Course run by BFI was really good. My short story was chosen to be made into a film . It was called ‘Motormouth’. The course was over 6 days with the @BFI & @ScreenEdinburgh. I wrote the script. An intense, educational process and I’m more than pleased with the outcome. I hope you like it.

BFI Edinburgh Film Course

We also had a successful screening at CineShots in London. There was a question and answer session and we received very favourable feed back for ‘The Drive’ Todd came along and it was a good night.

Tom, Me and Todd

Most recently I went to the London Art House Film Festival. It was their first year and it was a truly International experience with film makers from Brazil, USA, and Uganda . I also went to the gala which was good fun.

Gala at The BBC Club

There is another screening coming up soon in Wales. More of that later. In the meantime here is the latest poster with our current laurels.


I am delighted to say that the private screening night went really well and we had a good turn out.

Some of the cast and crew. Unfortunately everybody couldn’t come but we had a fair few guests as well and two of my patrons from came as well.

The film has been sent to lots of festivals and we have been accepted into three already. Cineshots are screening The Drive on the 11th June and they are having a Q & A and I will be attending. Check out their website.

One of the screenings is included in the Edinburgh Fringe, and I will be going there in August. I have never been to the Fringe before so I am really looking forward to it.

Once again, thanks to the patrons, without their help, I would not have been able to make the film. I am already thinking about the story for my next short film but I will get into it after my exams.

Cheers everyone.

Thanks. Adam
Screening at BFI May 2019


Well, we have done it, at last. You know it has taken a long time, what with all the set backs, finances and A levels. However, we are there. There will be a private screening of The Drive later this month and I am really excited. I have just started entering the film into film festivals and we have already had two acceptances. The next few months will be really exciting. I am already formulating ideas for my next short film.

I leave school soon and I hope to dive back into my acting also. My agent is keen for me to get back. Hopefully, I will have some acting news to add also.

Wish us luck at the screening.



Here we are, back on the Artifarty page. It has been a while. However, I have been busy elsewhere.

I have taken a break from acting whilst I was doing my school exams but in the next few months I will be back with a bang.

I have been working on my own short film and although it has taken ages to complete, mainly because of raising funds, it is now completed and being sent to film festivals.

Have a look at the new poster. The Drive, starring Todd Carty.

The BFI has been booked for the official screening in May and I am hoping to be accepted into many film festivals. It is not too late to join in and get some good rewards from my @patreon site 

Huge thanks to our present backers and patrons.


Well folks, I know I have been a  bit quite again but things have been a bit hectic but not on the acting side.

I have been going to a number of auditions and on several of them I have been down to the last knockings and then that ‘pencil in’ fades out.  Still, I won’t complain because at least I am being seen and my agent is still working his socks off.

I have been rather busy though with my own short film, The Drive.  I have a page on which is a way of having people who want to know what you are doing and become involved. They can get on board as a patron and follow the project all the way through to the screening and film festivals.

I have been saving up like mad and have more or less got the amount together I need to complete the film.  Lots of shots have been done and some more are scheduled for next week.  The most difficult ones are done and now it is just a case of tying up the remainder of the locations and making sure that the actors are available.

We did everything by the book with permits and loads of forms to fill in on safety and insurance etc.  I am really pleased that we did this and it has been a great learning curve because as things get bigger, at least I have had the experience of what needs to be done.

We filmed on the beach in Kent and just above the beach there was a hotel and we were able to hire one of their conference rooms for the day.  It made life so much easier.  We were able to set up our equipment, wardrobe and food.

It was an incredibly hot day and we had some issues with the sun.  On the whole, the filming went really well and in the edit, I was very pleased with our efforts.

At one point the tide was coming in and we had to finish quickly otherwise we would have been stuck there until it went out as the cliffs behind us were very high and vertical.

I will be back again soon with some more news and hopefully we will get some more in the can next week.

I will be doing a push on my patreon site to find more patrons.  We want to put this film in some good festivals and they are expensive.  All proceeds will go to funding the festival entries.  So if you want to join in go to 

There are great rewards and we hope to get our screening at the BFI in London.  Any support would be fantastic.




The Physician is now on Netflicks.  This is a really epic film and I played the young Rob Cole.  The older Rob Cole was played by Tom Payne.  The story is set in the 1th century when I young boy is  reluctantly adopted by a ‘healer’ after the death of his mother.   The boy has a gift and becomes a healer and travels to Persia disguised as a Jew at a medical school that will not admit Christians.   It is an epic story with a stellar cast and although it was shown all over the world, for some reason it was not picked up by America or the UK.  In Germany it stole the top film against The Desolation of Smaug!  The original book was written by Noah Gordon and it has also recently been made into a musical and has toured around various theatres in Spain and Germany, to great acclaim.  Catch it if you can.

The Physician (German: Der Medicus) is a 2013 German historical drama film based on the novel of the same name by Noah Gordon. The film focuses on an orphan from an 11th-century English town whose mother died of a mysterious illness. The boy vows to study medicine and decides to travel to Persia.


The Physician, the musical – Germany

The Physician, the musical – Spain –  Twitter @Elmedicomusical




Again, I must apologise for the delay in new news.  I have been very busy putting together the production of my second short film ‘The Drive’.  More of that later.

Last year, I did a couple of episode of Millie Inbetween which is filmed in Northern Ireland.   It is a very popular CBBC kids progaramme and has a big following.  This was Season 4 and I was introduced as a new character, Clifford.

This was the first time  I attended filming now that I no longer a chaperone.   It was unusual going on my own.  However, it was all good fun and hopefully there will be a Season 5 this year and I will be brought back.


Sorry to have been a bit quiet on this site recently.  It has been a bit slow on the acting front recently.  I had a flurry of stuff over Christmas with an advert for ‘Not on the High Street’ where my pretend sister found a love letter I had written to my pretend girlfriend.  So if you noticed that guy rushing across your screen in pursuit of his little sister, yep, that was me.

There were also a couple of BBC Radio plays with a repeat of Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s  series GOOD OMENS , directed by Dirk Maggs, where I played Adam, the Antichrist.

Also there was two new BBC Radio plays called Mr Betjeman’s Class on Christmas Day and Mr Betjeman’s Regrets on Boxing Day,  Jonathan Smith’s two-part drama about the troubled father-son relationships in the life of John Betjeman

John Betjeman in 1972.

John Betjeman in 1972. Photograph: Jane Bown for the Observer.

There is a sad footnote to this story in that Benjamin Whitrow,  in his role as the aging poet, very sadly died during the production.  I had the opportunity to chat with him and he was a lovely man.  I have the honour of being asked to attend his memorial in February.

There has been a flurry of auditions in the last couple of days and one of them sounds like I could be playing myself.  So keep your fingers crossed for a good result.

Also, things are moving forward on my own short film production and me and our collaborators are now starting to get to grips with the pre production work.  Our main actor is back from his tour and we will be making plans and arranging some dates soon.

A HUGE THANK YOU TO THE PATRONS WHO ARE HELPING US MAKE THE DRIVE, you too could become a patron.  Take a look at the rewards on offer and help out indie film makers.

Watch this space.


You may recall I have written before about the feature film ‘The Physician’, where I played the young Rob Cole.   In the 11th century, as a 9 year old boy, Rob was left to fend for himself having been orphaned. He attaches himself to a travelling Physician and wanders the land.  Driven by his passion to heal and relieve pain he travels to the East where he will pass as a Jew and will adopt the name of Jesse Ben Benjamin, so as not to stand out as European and to make his dream come true. A epic adventure.

Rob Cole 9 years old (still from The Physician , directed by Philipp Stolzl

The book was written by Noah Gordon and I recently heard that the story is being adapted for a  symphonic musical.   This is amazing.  When I first heard about it on twitter, I wondered how that could work out.  I have now watched a number of videos on YOUTUBE where some of the rehearsals have been posted and it looks great!

The extravaganza, a live world premier of El Medico, based on the famous book by  Noah Gordon  is taking place in Fibes Sevilla, Spain from the 20th to 23rd December.

Victoria Galan, below, is playing the young Rob in this production and I wish her success and a wonderful time.

YouTube interview with Victoria. (Spanish)

and a YouTube video of a rehearsal (Spanish)

If you are in Spain and have a chance to get along to the event, You can buy tickets here:-


FACEBOOK:  musical/ttps://