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Tough as old boots

My mum has dug out her old motorbike boots and cleaned them up.  She said they are about 33 years old!!  They have been all over the place although she didn’t walk about in them much as she was on a motorbike.

I don’t keep any of my shoes because I grow out of them but is there anybody else that can break my mum’s  record for shoes or boots still being worn!


Valentine’s Day

Valentine was a priest in Rome and he was a martyr.  He was made a saint but he had nothing to do with anything to do with romance. The name became associated with romance because a poem was written in the Middle Ages by Geoffrey Chaucer and it became traditional to write poems and send flowers and sweets to your sweetheart.  The poems and cards were called Valentines.

Apart from his name, nothing is known about St Valentine other than he was buried at Via Flaminia on February 14, AD269.   There is a myth, with no historical value, that he wrote a card to the blind daughter of his jailer the night before he was executed and he wrote “from your Valentine.”

From the 19th century Valentine’s cards have become mass produced, printed cards unlike the original hand written poems.    So I think that it would be better to send a hand written card than a cheap old card from Hallmarks!

Still Snowy

The snow hasn’t cleared here yet and it still looks pretty.  My mum took this photo on her phone yesterday and we are surprised that the apples are still on the tree.  I wonder why the birds haven’t eaten them!


snow picture

The snow is still on the ground here and we had to dig our way out on Monday so that I could get to school.  It has gone icy now so here is a picture of when it was nice and new.


I was looking at a book tonight which showed how all the different shades and types of skies and this is my picture with a sky at the end of a hot day.


We got much more snow that we thought so we were able to complete the mission.   One snow family and a dog.



Whoo Hoo, it is snowing in Hertfordshire.  A picture out of my bedroom window.  Can’t wait until tomorrow.


I am hoping we are going to get a lot of snow over the next couple of days.   I want to build a whole family of snowmen because we live near a place where they will be safe.  Last year, when I was living in the NW , mum and me built a 2.2 family of snowmen and a polar bear.  Somebody pinched one of the snow children and the head of the dad and smashed the snow mum.   The polar bear lasted two hours before somebody smashed it up.

They were quite good and people were taking photographs of them.  Now I can build as many as I like and no one will knock them down, so let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!!


here is a new photo of my second cousin Sarina Mae.  She lives in Den haag in  Holland.  She used to do lots of modelling when she was younger and now she is a singer and she writes her own songs.   Sarina is going to America this Summer .  Good luck Sarina.