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Sunday afternoon

We had a late lunch at Sally Pussey’s pub restaurant just off the M4 at junction 16 towards Wootten Bassett.  It was very nice and we were served quickly and the portions were too big for me but my brother would have loved it.


It was cold yesterday.  Something to remember the Summer.


This is my bird Betty.  She always makes a fuss and tweets when I am at the dinner table because she wants some.


Been a great week

First is was my birthday and I  went out and had a good time in London.  I bought two new games for my Xbox and I saw the Christmas Lights.   Last night we went up to The Embankment and watch the fireworks display after The Lord Mayor’s Show.  I have a new script to learn before Tuesday and loads of homework so back to work now.  My digital picture of fireworks.





Yesterday was my birthday.  I was 11 years old in the 11th month of the 11th year.  I was born 11 years ago in the 11th hour.  I don’t think this will ever happen again.   It would almost line up if I got to 111 years old but the month wouldn’t .