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Our student app design team has entered the final stages of the Apps for Good competition. They will be presenting in central London on the 20th of June.

They are also being entered into the ‘Peoples Choice Award’ category. To help make this a reality please visit (until the 20th June) and vote for ‘Rocket Code’.

Voting will begin at 9:00am on the morning of the 13 June and will close at the end of the Marketplace at 7:30pm on 20 June, just before the Awards ceremony.

Thanks for reading.

London MCM Comic Con 2016

I have been very quiet on this blog for a while because I have been doing a lot of revising for my astronomy GCSE which I wanted to take this year before I start my others for next year.  I have been doing other things also which have taken me away.  I am back now and have prepared a new report for the MCM Comic Con event which I went to, with my friend Alex, on Saturday.   Here is a link to the report.

There is a competition from Cex for the best photo. If you get a chance you can vote via facebook.  Go to:-  Thanks. 


Windmill Massacre poster

Today I went to the UK screening of ‘The Windmill Massacre’ at Soho Screening Rooms.   It was great to see most of the cast there and thanks to Daniel Koefoed, the Producer and Nick Jongerius, Director.  Kaleidoscope Film Distribution will be handling the distribution.

It was great to see the finished film and everybody really enjoyed it and if you like a good horror film, this is for you.


James from Sainou came to support me.  Thanks James.


A short while ago I was lucky enough to take part in the new music video for Aurora called Conqueror.  I had a great day and Aurora was really great and a pleasure to work with.  You can see the video on Youtube at:-

Aurora – Conqueror

The video was directed by Kenny McKracken at the fantastic Asylum Church in Peckham.    I was asked to write in binary.  Luckily I am fluent in binary, much to everyone’s surprise so we decided which word to write which fitted in with the story of the video.  One of the comments on Youtube has already picked it up!  I knew somebody would!

I took a look at the numbers that the boy is writing in 1:41 – those are letters encoded in ASCII in binary form. Each 8 bits/numbers = 1 letter. In this case, here we have numbers 01000010 (this is the “B” letter), 01101111(the “o” letter) and 01111001 (“y”). No more numbers are used and those used always go in the same order. So he is writing “Boy” all the time – BoyBoyBoyBoy etc. Feel free to speculate what the meaning is.
The Album, All my Demons Greeting me as a Friend, comes out on the 11th March and it is on pre order now from iTunes.



On Friday I went to a location which was very unusual.  When I turned up at the address I was surprised to find there is a Grade II listed chapel included in the quadrangle of almshouses situated off Asylum Road, Peckham, London.

the chapel

Almshouses  were like social housing and these ones were London’s largest complex of almshouses originally known as the Licenced Victuallers’ Benevolent Institution Asylum.  There are still residents at the almshouses but the chapel has not been used for purpose, for many years. The Chapel was built about 1830 and today, hardly anyone knows it is there.

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It is now regularly rented out to film companies and next week it will be used for a Marvel production.  I came to take part in a music video production and I will write more of that later.






Lady Luck, Directed by Jo Lewis

Jo LewisCreative Director – Breakneck Films

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Jo Lewis is an award winning director and producer whose films have played at international film festivals all over the world. Her recent adaption of a DH Lawrence short story ‘The Rocking Horse Winner’ has enjoyed considerable success, most recently as a finalist at the USA Film Festival 2015.

Jo has enjoyed a 17 year career in TV and Film production with experience ranging from Factual and Development to Documentaries and Drama. She has worked for numerous companies including The BBC, IWC, Talkback, Endemol, ITV, Zenith, Wildfire and Spun Gold. Her documentary experience includes international co-productions filming in Europe, Canada and the USA for The Discovery Channel. Her film production work includes films by Mike Leigh, Ridley Scott and Andrea Arnold. She Location Managed the OSCAR winning short film ‘WASP’.

I loved working on this film and Jo is a brilliant supportive director who still keeps in touch with me.




EFM: Kaleidoscope to debut ‘The Windmill Massacre’

Windmill2-thumb-1200x800-58535 (1)

Dutch horror debut from Nick Jongerius. Starring  Charlotte Beaumont, Noah Taylor, Patrick Baladi,

Adam Thomas Wright, Fiona Hampton, Tanroh Ishida,  and Bart Klever.

Kaleidoscope Film Distribution (KFD) has boarded sales rights to genre-horror The Windmill Massacre ahead of Berlin’s EFM (Feb 11-19).

From debut writer-director Nick Jongerius and producer Daniel Koefoed – both producers on genre-horror Frankenstein’s ArmyThe Windmill Massacre tells the gory tale of a devil-worshipping miller that, legend has it, ground the bones of locals instead of grain. Back from beyond the grave, the miller seeks vengeance on a group of unsuspecting tourists, who share a dark secret.

Filmed in Amsterdam, the English-language feature is in post-production and due for delivery this spring.

Director Nick Jongerius said: “It has been a privilege to shoot an international horror as my feature debut, using the famous Dutch heritage and locations as the backdrop. I have always been fascinated, and scared at the same time, by windmills. I can assure you will look at them differently from now on.”

Michael Chapman, sales and acquisition executive at Kaleidoscope and also executive producer of The Windmill Massacre added:  “We’re thrilled to finally share this project with international buyers. Nick is an exciting new voice in horror and has created something truly special.”

Kaleidoscope’s slate also includes family animation sequel Top Cat Begins, well-received documentary The Seven Five and Gerard Barrett’s Sundance hit Glassland.

Charlotte Beaumont        Noah Taylor                Patrick Baladi

Charlotte Beaumont Picture Noah Taylor Picture Patrick Baladi Picture

Me                                        Fiona Hampton             Tanroh Ishida

Adam Thomas Wright Picture Fiona Hampton Picture Tanroh Ishida Picture

Bart Klever