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I am in Holland at the moment. I have been here for a few weeks and still have two weeks to go.  I am filming a new feature film called ‘The Windmill Massacre’.  It is based on an old Dutch folklore tale and promises to be one of the most scariest of films.  You know the sort where you say, ‘No…don’t go in the woods’. It is gruesome and will have you jumping in your seats.  A must for horror fans.



I am still away at the moment but I have received some news.  Derek vs Derek, the short film directed by Sebastian Barner-Rasmssen, has won at the Screen Stockport IFF  for Best Post Grad Film Student Short Film Category’

Derek vs Derek




A new 15 minute x 10 drama series called Early One Morning is on BBCRadio4 every day, mid week.  Directed by Emma Harding.  Catch up on BBC iplayer if you miss it.

Early One Morning,  Episode 1


You can meet the cast here:-

Greta Scacchi narrates the drama. It is basically a love story between a woman and a boy set in World War II. It is Virginia Baily’s second novel.

Daniele Levi is a boy of about seven, living in Rome’s Jewish quarter; it’s 1944, and the German occupying forces raid the area and round up its inhabitants. We see Daniele and his family on a truck, his mother in a “going-away outfit”, as if she had planned an escape there wasn’t time for. In her panic, and intuiting what awaits, Daniele’s mother hands her son over to an onlooker, a young woman. This is our protagonist and chief narrator, Chiara Ravello. What follows is the story of how Chiara and Daniele’s two lives, brutally flung together, play out.


News Time

It has been a bit strange recently.  First of all it went really quiet on the audition front.  As I am just about to become 15 years old, some people in the know say it is quite usual for it to go quiet until I get out of licensing age at 16.  The  theory being that you can get 16 year olds that look 14 and 15 and you don’t have to get a licence for them.  I decided to concentrate on my writing and I am putting a script together for a serious short film.

Then suddenly, there was an explosion of auditions came in all for the same time period.  I am delighted to say that I will be involved in a feature film and I will be off to Europe very soon.  I shall bring you more news of this movie later.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to going to The Thurrock Film Festival on Sunday, where , If I am lucky I might win a best performance award for the short film Derek vs Derek. CNci2QbW8AA5T2z




International Family Film Festival, Hollywood

International Family Film Festival, Hollywood 2

Lady Luck


Winner  – Gold REMI Award  – WorldFest Film Festival USA

Winner –  Award of Excellence – Best of Shorts Competition CA USA

Winner – Monaco International Film Festival –  Lady Luck – ’Best Newcomer’  Adam Thomas Wright.

Nominated – Best Dramatic Short – The Short Film Awards (SOFIE)

Nominated – Best Short Film – Los Angeles Film Review

Nominated – Portsmouth International Film FestivalLady Luck Best Costume and Best Production Design



The Summer holidays are nearly over but I crammed a lot in and it has gone very quickly.  I recorded a part in another radio play for the BBC called Black Dog and I performed a small role in the American T.V. series, The Royals, just recently.


It was great fun and the set was stunning.

I also submitted one of my own short films to an American film festival.  I did everything in it.  I acted both parts and scripted, filmed and edited it.  I was hoping for a recognition in the production.  However, I was delighted to get a nomination for best actor under 18.

Gifa nomination for Split Personality

I  have been using my time off school to produce some docu/info short films.  I am aiming them at children my age and showing them that you don’t have to be an adult to do this sort of thing.  I have put a link on below to my Youtube Channel.  Take a look at the films and if you like them, please subscribe to the channel.

Artifarty Youtube channel

I am looking forward to starting at Elstree UTC in September where I will be doing Film Studies, and other industry related courses.


The Global International Film Awards run competitions for new film makers and they have a section for under 18 years old to send in their entries   I sent in a short film I made myself . There are many categories  and I was delighted to get a nomination in the under 18, Best Actor section.  I have had a nomination before for my interview/documentary style film where I interviewed Matthew Modine about smoking.  I am going to send another film in soon and maybe third time lucky, I will get an award, fingers crossed.

Gifa nomination for Split Personality